Knowing About Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing

Wheels failing to spin accurately causes uneven wear and tear in them. The case is even worse during monsoon times as water seeps through the holes when the car surpasses potholes and road patches.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment purports to adjustments in the suspension of the car.

Significant Measurements Involved:

Toe: The difference in the distance between the front and rear axles is toe. Toe-in is where the front wheels incline towards the centerline.

Camber: The wheel’s outward or inward angle as observed from the front is camber. Wheel’s top leaning away is the positive camber and the wheel’s top leaning towards the car is the negative camber.

Caster: The movement of the wheels forward and backward is the caster. Uneven caster veers the car to one side.

Symptoms: Unexpected jarring, expected tenure of the wheels being shortened, drifting away when driven on a straight line etc.

Wheel Balancing: Wheel balancing is rectifying the uneven weight distribution in the wheels by counterbalancing the difference.

Symptoms: Vibration in the steering and seats at high speed, scalloped patterns of wear in the wheels.

Wiper & Maintenance

Problems in wipers: Improper functioning of wipers is a major factor for accidents in the monsoon. Streaking is where the rubber squeegee fails to efficiently clean the windshield as it is dry, hard or cracked. Wearing happens due to the extensive use of wipers. Skipping refers to a curvature formed in the wiper blades as they are unused for a long period.

Have a close check: Check for metal corrosion in the joints or claws, cracked and worn out rubber squeegee, aged squeegees, round-edged squeegees creating a gap from the windshield and broken frame arms.

Changing wipers: Wipers have three parts namely, lower wiper arm, metal blade and rubber squeegee. Buy the correct sized blade as the blade’s size differ for both sides.

Firstly, remove the old blade by pulling the blade’s centre in the direction of the arm’s bottom. Next, hold the new blade upside down and align its curved end with the wiper arm’s hook-shaped curve. Pull it tightly so that the wiper fits into the right spot.

Braking system: Double-checking your braking system ensures your safety as well as the cars. Uneven brake wear causes vibrations in the steering, veering off the vehicle and a pulsing brake pedal.

Maintenance: Monitor the brake fluids and change them as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Check the brake shoes, brake pads and brake lights for an effective braking system. Do not modify the original braking system and stick to the given guidelines. Use a brake tester to verify the braking power of each wheel alignment Morecambe. Also, check the circuit’s effectiveness.

Symptoms: If the car does not slow down in relation to the brake applied it is an indication of low-level brake fluid. Leaking of brake fluid while slowing down indicates the poor condition of the brake pump. Misaligned wheels make the braking system’s adjustment uneven. Check the brake pads during monsoon as water will be absorbed by the brakes leading to its inefficient working.

Information on ABS and EBD

ABS ensures the safety of the passengers by preventing the wheel lock-up when the brakes are applied all of a sudden. It prevents your wheel alignment from slighting without any directional control. Sensors in your brakes clear out the wheel lock-ups and recoup the brake disc in no time. In cars without ABS, the chances of wheel lockups are high.

ABS system has four components namely, speed sensors, a pump that restores hydraulic pressure of brakes and the electronic brain. The electronic brain senses the quick deceleration through sensors and adjusts the pressure on brakes. The computer-controlled valves are responsible for this and thus a pulsing sensation is felt.

All the systems in a car have to be well-coordinated to accomplish smooth and safe travels.


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