Hygienic shower with a thermostat: All You Need to Know!

In multi-story buildings, the bathroom usually has a small area. An excellent compact option for small bathrooms is a hygienic shower with a thermostat. This device is very convenient for families with small children or homes where there are ill people. Using a hygienic shower with a thermostat can provide convenience, enhanced security, and comfort in the bathroom. How to choose and install it in your bathroom? Let’s see.

A hygienic shower does not take up much space in the bathroom. It allows you to do hygiene procedures directly above the toilet. Hygienic shower design resembles a kind of small watering can, which is equipped with a button for adjusting the pressure and connected via a flexible hose to a single-lever mixer or shower outlet.

Many people believe that installing such a system in the bathroom is a waste of money. But before you completely rule out this device, you should think about its advantages:




The hygienic shower is attached next to the toilet bowl, allowing you to carry out the necessary procedures on the spot quickly.

Visual appeal

A hygienic shower with a thermostat will add nobility to the interior design. It highlights the elegance and refined taste of homeowners. In addition, it is immune to corrosion.

Easy installation

The best residential building contractors in Odessa, Texas, can easily install it in the washroom.


You can use the device for personal hygiene procedures. It automatically adjusts the water temperature.


How To Choose A Hygienic Shower With A Thermostat?

When choosing a hygiene shower with a thermostat, it is essential to be alert. After selecting a particular brand, note that the showerhead is small in size. Otherwise, the water will splash in different directions. It is also essential to inspect the entire length of the hose for defects.

You can also choose a multifunctional hygienic shower with an additional tap and a temperature controller. You can’t select a  toilet bowl with a bidet function and other types of hygiene devices solely based on external characteristics. Several significant indicators can influence your choice. The watering can for bidets and showers is narrow.

The appearance of a hygienic shower should be combined with the design of the bathroom. The hose can be made of flexible plastic or rubber, braided with metal. So, it is essential to ensure that the tube does not have cracks and other defects in the parts.

How To Install A Hygienic Toilet Shower With A Thermostat?

The device is installed on the wall near the toilet. If you install a hygienic shower with a thermostat after repair, think about its design in advance. Work with a residential design-builder in Midland, Texas, to lay the presence of this plumbing device in your toilet. To install a hygienic shower correctly, it is essential to determine the appropriate height for its placement correctly. Specialists pre-install the sink to avoid mistakes with the selected location. Then, they install the hygienic shower with the thermostat as per the manufacturer’s instructions and add more comfort to your life.


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