How Virtual Team Building Can Help You Combat Loneliness And Isolation

Being away from people physically can and does have repercussions beyond imagination due to the fact that people are social animals and need the touch of people as well as some normal interaction. But in these uncertain times of covid-19, there is no way to do that at all and we must come up with alternatives that help us combat this scourge while still having a bit of fun.


But that is easier said than done due to the constraints of time, space, and money as well as activities that must be interesting, stimulating, intriguing, and absorbing enough for everyone to participate happily. All these conditions make it quite hard to achieve what we want but fret not for a solution has come to the fore recently and has exploded in popularity due to huge demand.


So, to combat all those problems, consult with and then participate in the activities arranged by various workshops for virtual team building in Singapore and they are guaranteed to lift the mood, lighten the air and improve morale as well as bring multiple benefits that can help your team and employers in the long run, leaving you with positive feelings and surely taking all the negative thoughts away.

What Are All The Different Activities That Are Offered In Virtual Team Building In Singapore?

There are a ton of activities that can choose and select amongst so as to pick the perfect one suited exactly to your needs and wants. Here we are going to introduce a selection of some of the ones to you so as to give you a glimpse into what is possible and can be done. We have Terrarium Making, Art Jamming, Tote bag painting as well as some others like leather crafting.


If these aren’t enough to tickle your fantasy then we have others like Clay making, Tiles painting, Coaster dazzling, Coaster marbling, and Creating your own green planter. All of the activities mentioned are designed and selected exactly to give you as wide a selection as possible while still maintaining the quality that these activities must exhibit to be fully worth it.

What Are The Types Of Categories In Team Building Activities?

There are 3 major questions you need to ask yourself when deciding what kind of activity you want to participate in or would be perfect for you. These 3 categories are:-

  1. Together in real-time - or - at separate times

This is the first and most fundamental decision. Do you want to participate in an activity that everyone has to be present and participate in at the same time or one that people can participate in whenever they please or want to? This choice depends on whether people have free time together or the timings don’t match.

  1. Work Practice - or - Team Building

This is important because different activities serve different purposes. Some strengthen work-related characteristics and others are for the sole purpose of just having a jolly good time together and nothing else at all. So you have to make your decision accordingly and carefully.

  1. One Time Only - or - Regular Ones

Some activities are ones that can only be enjoyed once and not too many times as they might be repetitive or potentially boring while other activities can be played endlessly as long as you have other people. Choose carefully here too as it is important.


What Does The Acronym TEAM stand for in relation to virtual team building?

Well, TEAM is an acronym or an abbreviation that stands for the 4 most important components of this entire exercise and they are:-


  1. Tangible (physical)

There will be actual physical or tangible things sent to participants such as tiles for tile painting workshops.

  1. Electronic (versions)

The experience is electronic and uses the internet on devices like computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

  1. Assembly (together online)

This is the part where everyone works together in order to achieve the task successfully. People can be in teams or participate individually, depending on the type of activity.

  1. Manual (help)

This is the guide that helps you to take part and have a lot of fun successfully, something that is an essential part of virtual team building Singapore.


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