How to Select the Right Kind of Void Fill?

How to Select the Right Kind of Void Fill?

When it comes to packaging and shipping a product, it is important to make sure the product is properly protected and supported. During transit , there is the potential risk factor of damage. A package could be handled multiple times at different stages during transit before reaching its destination. Along the way, it may be dropped or mishandled. On top of the basic protection provided by the product's packaging, additional measures should be taken, including void fill methods. 

Void Fill- What is it and How Does it Work?

What is void fill packaging? It is the type of packaging that protects goods during transit by filling the empty spaces in the shipping boxes. When space is present, the package moves around due to the lack of stability. With void fill, the empty spaces are filled with a specific material that provides added protection and secures the goods in the place. Delicate and fragile items need to be tightly packed and protected so they do not break or sustain damage during the transit process. Often, a package moves between multiple trucks and facilities, and the movement can cause an impact. But void fill ensures that even during this process, the package remains intact.

What are the Types of Void Fill?

Different types of void fill options have unique characteristics to match your specific packaging needs. The options include void fill paper, bubble wrap, crinkle paper, air pillows, and packing peanuts. The void fill packaging materials perform differently but provide the same stability and extra padding. 

The void fill paper option is both affordable and sustainable. It is simple to use and delivers full product protection. The paper is easily moldable to fit small spaces, making it a great customizable choice. 

Bubble wrap is great for shipping goods that need extra cushioning, including electronics and glass material. Similar fill material is air pillows, also known as inflatables, which provide even more cushioning than bubble wrap. The air pillows take up a lot of space, making them great for protecting smaller, more delicate products.

Crinkle paper and packing peanuts are two of the more visually appealing void fill packaging methods. If your business is looking to add a fun presentation option, these two are a great choice. Crinkle paper comes in different colors that can match or highlight shipped goods. They also provide support and protection during the transit process. 

At Distinctive Solutions, we provide the best void fill packaging options for your business. Securing and protecting shipping goods is important as they are at risk for damage during the transit process. If you want to learn more about our personalized packaging options, visit our website and talk to one of our professionals!