How to Restore Perfume Boxes in 30 min?

Many people all around the globe use perfume boxes constructed from sturdy cardboard material. Due to this wide usage, thousands of tons of cardboard are thrown out in the landfills every year. The current pandemic situation has even worsened the condition as more and more people prefer ordering perfume products online instead of going into public.

The manufacturing process of perfume packages from the cardboard material is leading to deforestation. It is, for this reason, the concept of “reuse” is growing in significance these days. Here is an effective guide about how one can reuse perfume packaging easily.

Gifting purpose:

The perfumes are expensive cosmetic products that are often exchanged between people as precious gift items. Traditionally, they come in specialized gift packages that are complementing their premium nature. The cardboard-built perfume boxes with their customizable nature can always be used as gift packaging once they have served their original purpose.

They do not lose their flexibility over time and can be repurposed to serve as gifting boxes. They can be embellished and adorned according to the themes of the occasions on which fragrances are being gifted. Apart from that, you can also imprint them with the desired messages to give a more bespoke touch.

As a garden bed starter:

The custom perfume boxes are enriched with carbon and do not contain any toxic element that causes contamination of any kind. Due to this unique property, they can be reused to serve many purposes for your gardens. For instance, you can reuse them as a garden bed starter by filling in some dirt. This way, the carbon mixes up with the nitrogen that is present in the dirt.

custom perfume packaging

Moreover, you know well that the mixture of carbon and nitrogen is perfect for the effective nourishment of the plants. Aside from that, their use is also influential for preventing the growth of weeds in your garden. While reusing them as your garden bed starter, make sure that you remove all the tape and stickers attached to them; otherwise, they might not be able to serve their second purpose well.

Shoe rack:

The shoe racks are the need of everyone, and they are often made from wood, plastic, or some other materials. A cost-effective way to make them is through the reuse of cardboard-built perfume packages. Made up from innovative and flexible material, these packages can be cut, folded, and held into the desired shapes to form the desired shoe rack. For instance, you can form triangular shoe racks that will not just look stylish but also provide you more rack space for keeping the shoes.

Floor protector:

The paint is a need of every home, office, or any other living space to make it look adorable. However, the floors often are damaged during this process, and you might have to change your floors because of this. To overcome this problem, it is always best to reuse the perfume packages as floor protectors. By cutting, those according to the specific dimensions of your floors and putting them on, you can easily protect the floors from any sort of damage.

As a toy for children:

There is a good reason why they say that the younger audience loves the box more than the gift packed inside it. The perfume packages are so much fun since they can be repurposed as toys that spark creativity among the children. You can make some perforations on these boxes so that the children can act along to turn these packages into a fun toy for them.

Moving purposes:

To perform the moving tasks, you always require boxes that, in turn, prove quite expensive. The perfume packages can be best utilized for moving purposes, as they are quite sturdy. Made up from cardboard, they have strong bottom flaps that do not open up even on the application of heavier loads. There is also no fear of damage occurrence since these packages do not break when exposed to abrasive forces and severe external pressure. Reusing them for the moving process also helps in the reduction of new packages coming into the market.

perfume box

Create specialized cards:

Though a little infrequent, you can make some innovative cards from the perfume packages. These cards can be personalized with special designs and printing to make them look complementing for the purpose, they are being targeted for. For instance, you might print them with the birthday greetings by writing the name of the person and adorn them with beautiful colors to make them work as a birthday greeting card. Similarly, you can personalize them as thanksgiving cards by printing some “thank you” notes.

To sum up, there are infinite ways you can reuse perfume boxes, as they are quite flexible and customizable. They can have a second or third life as a garden bed starter, shoe rack, floor protector, etc. Aside from that, you can repurpose them for moving, gifting, and many such tasks depending upon your needs.


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