How to Optimize Posts Using Instagram Hashtags

Instagram has now taken Google's wheel-spinning social network and made it run even faster. As Instagram grew to become the third most popular site in terms of both active users and number of pages, Google was left with a big task in hand - how to beat Facebook at its own game. Today, Instagram has already made major inroads into the large market that Facebook has, but the question is - can it hold on to that position in the future? The answer may be simpler than you think.


Instagram Hashtags is a great way to optimize posts and pages on Instagram. You may have heard of Instagram Hashtags Optimization, but have you seen the real benefits? The simple explanation is this: by using Instagram Hashtags, you can help make your posts and other pages more SEO-friendly. In other words, by creating content that is better search engine optimized, you can help gain more Instagram Followers and higher visibility in the search results. And that is good news for your business.


So what are Instagram Hashtags? An Instagram Hashtags is a short keyword and description of a post. It's used to tell Google and the rest of the search engines what the content is about. This helps the search engines to determine what the content is about. For instance, a food-related Instagram post will have the hashtags "food_iphone" in it, since that's what the content deals with.


But the best thing about using Instagram Hashtags is that it instantly makes posts SEO-friendly. Google and other major search engines will pick up on these posts. It makes posts with Hashtags ripe for the picking by internet users searching for content on the Internet. Say, the user types in, "Instagram recipes." If the post comes up in one of the Instagram search results, it is more likely to rank higher because of the SEO value of the Hashtags.

Optimize Posts

Now, you may wonder how to optimize posts using Instagram hashtags, and that's pretty simple. Since these are short keywords or keyword phrases, you can insert them into your posts easily. And this gives the impression to the readers that your content is related, and they will want to read what you have written. How to do this, exactly? You use what is known as a backlinking technique. You link (or "backlink") each of your posts individually using the appropriate hash. For instance, you could link to each of your posts with the term "Instagram recipes." Each time you do this, the search engine spiders will follow the link and index your content.


How easy is that? Well, you'll need a bit of creativity and a bit of effort to make this work for you. One example would be to create a new post on your blog that has the same hash mark and title. Then you just have to make sure that you optimize the post. Make sure it's optimized with your main keyword phrase as well as a couple of secondary keywords. Once it's posted, the search engines will discover it and rank it very high in the search results.

Relevant to Niche

This will work best if you don't just focus on one aspect of optimizing your posts. If you only focus on the backlinks alone and do not optimize your content, you won't see much. So, make sure you do both. Optimize your posts properly, and you're sure to see your posts show up in the search results, on the first page of the Discover tab, and ultimately on the first few pages of every major site associated with your niche.