How to Design a Bar in Dubai?

Bars individually or in a hotel are busy areas with usually a lot of movement. Especially during the weekend or festivals, more people visit the bars to celebrate and spend time with friends. An efficiently designed bar is one of the most critical parts of a hotel in the eyes of the best Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai. If your bar is a small-sized, squeezed area with not enough space for movement, the bartenders would not be able to work properly, leading to a loss in business. Just like business owners take care of other elements in a restaurant and hotel, bars must not be left out. 

Here are a few awesome ideas for you to set up your bar in Dubai.


Space is the most critical element while designing a bar. The bartender is only able to serve the visitors properly when they have enough space behind the bar to move around freely. Usually, bar areas have a width of 3 feet or 36 inches. The measurements can vary, but should not be less than 31" to save your bartenders from discomfort. Usually, the area behind the bar is between 31" and 37". However, if you also have bar-backs working alongside bartenders, it is wise to opt for a wider space. Bars are all about the ease of service as seen by a customer's eye.

Width of the Bar Top

Let's imagine that you have a lot of space behind the bar, yet the bar top is immensely thin. Nobody would be happy with that. The bar top should also have enough space to make the drink preparation and serving seem effortless. Typically, a bar too should be 20 to 30 inches in width for comfortable working. It includes the drink rail on the bartender's side. Though remember that home bars are quite different from commercial bars and usually not wider than 12 inches. It also depends on the space as commercial bars have a lot more area than home bars.

Bar Equipment

Bartenders can't work so smoothly if appropriate equipment is not present. From major equipment like speed rails and ice bun to smaller ones like glassware, cocktail shakers, and spoons, every piece of equipment in the bar helps to create the delicious drinks you enjoy.

Here's s precise list of the essential equipment in a bar

  • Glassware

  • Ice bin

  • Speed rail

  • Sink

  • Garnish station

  • Cleaning supply area

How to Set Up Bar Equipment?

Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai believe that proper placement of the bar equipment is vital for smooth functioning and quick serving. The bartender and bar-backs must be aware of the placement of the equipment and should ask for changes according to their convenience. It is not possible to make major modifications, but minor changes should be made to facilitate the bartender.

Let's see how you should place the equipment in the bar.


Glassware is inevitably the most critical equipment in a bar as you cannot function without it. All drinks are being served in glassware which needs to be frequently taken out to cater to the choices of your customers. The glass racks should not be any higher than 6 feet or 72". It is better to keep them lower for easy reach. The commonly used glassware should not be placed very high, though you can use higher shelves for stocking.

Ice Bin

There is rarely anyone in the bar who doesn't need ice in their drink. A bartender has to take out ice from the ice bin repeatedly while making drinks, making the ice bin an important component of the bar rack. The ice bin should be placed at a level that does not require a lot of effort to take it out. Placing the ice bin very low might lead to arm pain in the long run.


The three-compartment sink should be in the front to increase functionality while you can have the handwashing sink at the back.

Speed rail

Speed rail helps to increase the speed of your working by folds. You do not have to find the bottles and they are at your arm's distance. Only place those in the speed rail that is used at least thrice in a shift.

Cleaning supply area

Keep a separate area to place all your cleaning supplies that are easily accessible to everyone working in the bar. There should be extra stock of the supplies in case more is needed.


Whether you are designing a home bar or a commercial one, the bar area, bar width and placement of equipment are factors you cannot miss. Exotic Interior Studios and other Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai suggest you design the bar according to the space you have.


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