How to choose right water bottle for kids

As the temperature begins to rise, it becomes more crucial to take care of your kids’ hydration. As the little ones are always on the go, accompanying them with the best stainless steel water bottle for kids or any other reusable bottle has become a must.


A flask or bottle by their side will help them stay hydrated even when they are busy playing or studying. But choosing the right bottle is not as easy as it seems. From the best quality to the right shape and size, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before you buy a water bottle for your child.


When you step into the market, you can easily find a range of water containers, each serving a unique purpose. The most common options that may seem perfect to you will be plastic, glass, and stainless steel bottles. Where plastic seems the most affordable and convenient option, at the same time, don’t forget to factor in the negative effects it may have on your child’s health and that of the environment. On the other hand, glass water bottles are a good option based on the quality parameter but are heavy. 


But don’t let all these things confuse you. To help you make a wise choice for your child, here we are mentioning a few tips:


Easy to Use


We all know that kids are always in a hurry. Therefore, the best water bottles for them should be easy to open and close. You can pick water bottles with a straw that help your kid drink water without any spilling. When it comes to getting the right water bottle, stainless steel ones can be the perfect pick.




Plastic bottles contain a harmful chemical called BPA that can be harmful to your kids' health. Where many plastic water bottle manufacturers claim that their bottles do not contain BPA, this doesn't mean the bottles got a clean chit. They may contain other harmful chemicals that can take a toll on your kids' health. Additionally, children have a habit of chewing their water bottles that results in the ingestion of microplastics. Therefore, when it comes to water bottles for kids, the plastic ones should be cut off from the list.


Pick the Right Type


With a wide range of water bottles available in the market, you can have multiple picks for your kid. You can get a compact one for the lunchbox, an easy to use for desk, and a stainless steel water bottle for outdoor activities. The bottles will help your child stay healthy and hydrated all year long.




You never want your kids’ bag or lunchbox drenched with drinking water. Go for a water bottle with a cap that provides leakage protection. With a leakage-proof bottle, you can ensure that the water does not leak, no matter how bumpy the bus rides get.




Make sure whatever bottle you choose, the same does not break easily. Kids have a habit of dropping everything they hold in their tiny hands. Therefore, go for a bottle that does not break into pieces once dropped. Selecting stainless steel water bottles for kids over glass and plastic options can be a better decision. 


Avoid Awkward Shapes 


The shape of the bottle will depend on how your child will use it. The shape should be attractive but not awkward. Plus, it should be comfortable for your kid to carry and use. 


Temperature retention


Make your kids drink water at the right temperature with stainless steel or any other insulated water bottle. The right bottle will retain the temperature of the drink for long hours and keep the content intact and hygienic. 


Vibrant Colors


Water bottles for kids are available in several colors and designs. You can easily find a bottle having different colors ranging from matte, bright, or neon that will catch the attention of your kids and motivate them to drink more water and stay hydrated. 




Pick a water bottle that can serve the hydration needs of your kid for years to come. It’s always a good idea to invest in a reusable water bottle, no matter whether it's for you or your kid. In such a scenario, a stainless steel bottle or a flask can be a great option to go.


Wrapping up


Kids need to stay hydrated in every situation, but that doesn’t mean that you can only have one bottle for everything. To get the right water bottle, consider the tips above and determine how you want to keep your kid hydrated. This will guide your purchasing decision.


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