How to capture leads and increase sales?

Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that consists of attracting, converting, and delighting customers.

Through Inbound Marketing, it is possible to connect with potential customers, making communication strategies the channels on the internet, attracting and strategically converting the right audience for your business.

Many people have doubts about attracting new potential customers. We call new leads, so in this blog, you will know some lead generation strategies.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Unlike conventional marketing, inbound marketing, also known as attraction marketing, aims to attract and convert leads using relevant content strategies.

One of the advantages of Inbound Marketing is that you can attract your audience of specific interest and communicate with them in a personalized way to facilitate their way to the sale. It is as if you guide him with relevant content, teaching, and guiding until he decides to buy your product.

Using content marketing, you nourish your lead with information that he is interested in, and that awakens the solution to your problem.

The audience of interest is the famous leads. Read the article: What are leads and why are they so important to your business.

How to capture leads and increase sales?

Capturing leads is not just about looking for new customers or many. The generation of new leads needs to be done through a marketing strategy that makes your brand attract potential customers. That is when we talk about potential customers. We are talking about customers who are interested in the brand and the potential to become possible customers.

Capturing new leads does not mean that you will directly increase your sales. Capturing leads means attracting people who are actually potential customers and who, through the purchase interest, can significantly increase your sales.

People are increasingly connected and consuming on the internet, enabling potential growth for companies when they implement Inbound Marketing in the company. Once it is done right, the increase in sales is certain.

How to create a strategy to capture leads?

Now that you know about inbound, let's see some strategies that can be applied to do Inbound Marketing effectively.

Here are some tips:

Have a website to capture leads

The website is the showcase of your business and can be your main sales channel. But not only that. When creating your website, you should be concerned with the website's creator, the hosting and security, and the content.

In addition to the site being secure, it needs to have a good browsing experience, and yet and one of the most important factors, you need to have a site with relevant content. You need to have content that talks to your audience, that arouses their interest in browsing your website, and that arouses the desire to learn more about your brand and decide to consume it.

Therefore, you must stay tuned to SEO strategies, creating a website optimized for search engines. After all, it is no use having a website and not being found.

And today, the consumer profile is a much more demanding profile and one that is always researching. So don't want to lose to your competitor. 

Use landing pages

Landing pages are fundamental to an Inbound Marketing strategy. Through it, you create a specific page of a service or product, place relevant content, and it is in this channel that you can have the conversion of a lead and, from there, establish communication with him.

On a landing page, you must invest in attractive content with a gift design with a contrast of colors and a good layout that combines images or videos with the text. Everything needs to be in perfect harmony for your page to be beautiful and attractive. After all, you want the lead to convert on that page.

If you want to know how to create a landing page that converts, read our article on our blog: How to create Landing Pages that convert.


Webinars are an excellent option for lead capture. Through it, you can establish a connection with the lead in an audio-visual way, which can be an explanatory video, a class, or something like that.

Webinars allow you to have communication created from the production of rich content to attract leads. In this way, they are a great way to gain the confidence of those watching.

And when you have confidence, it is much easier to sell.

With the growing wave of videos on the internet, the format of webinars has been a very effective strategy to reach a large number of people.

Finally, we can conclude that the leads will be your future customers. So you need to know how to approach them, and a good strategy can help you. After all, through a good strategy and good content, you can attract, convert, and delight your customer.


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