How Start-ups Can Build Brand With IVR?

How Start-ups Can Build Brand With IVR?

What is an IVR?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response refers to the technology that allows human-computer interactions for collecting the data and routing the calls without even answering the phone calls. This modern tool is used by various companies to manage large call volumes and allows the agents to focus on more complicated tasks. The main use of IVR systems is to take inputs from the callers to determine the desired destination and routes. In addition, the software of IVR helps to collect the caller's information and reject unwanted calls. 

With an IVR solution, the users can deliver enhanced customer service with no or minimum human efforts. It helps to ensure the services of businesses are 24*7 hours available. This service helps the businesses to answer back the call when it's required.

Why Does a Start-up Need an IVR?

Start-ups are new and emerging businesses that have limited resources, budgets and environment to grow and expand. The limited access makes the company vulnerable. Therefore it becomes crucial for the business to invest in the right things at the start of your business to survive in the long run. Furthermore, to create a professional image and provide a convenient mode of communication for customers, it is vital to use IVR solutions

Interactive Voice Response is a one-stop solution for cutting down the cost or expense of the business and reducing the human workforce requirement. It comes with an option of hosting customer support service on the cloud. With an IVR, the start-ups do not have to worry about extensive infrastructure and expansion plans, thus reducing their stress.

Top Benefits of Integrating IVR in your New Business?

Here are some of the benefits of using an IVR for startups:

Customized Conversations:

As a start-up, you need to build up a loyal and satisfied customer base as they are responsible for the growth and development of business. Using an IVR helps to assure the customers that you prioritize them and understand their needs and demands. A customized conversation according to the customers' demand helps to ensure a happy and satisfied customer base. In addition, it ensures that the customers can choose a language they prefer.

Creating a Professional Image:

The main thing you need to focus on as a start-up is building up a reputed public image. Not answering calls or not providing proper customer services can give out an unprofessional vibe. To be successful, the businesses must be reachable at any hour of the day as it shows that you care about your customers and work professionally. People prefer those businesses that either have something highly unique to offer or are trusted by others. Using an IVR ensures that your business is considerate towards the client and has a dedicated workforce.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

For ensuring the growth and success of a business, customer experience should never be compromised. But, unfortunately, many customers leave a brand that is not dedicated to their customers or is not satisfied with the business's services. IVR helps in routing the customer to their desired destination. In addition, these can run call surveys to identify the scope of improvement in customer interactions.

No Time Constraints:

An IVR is capable of handling or tackling challenges 24/7 hours. It helps to ensure no business is lost after working hours. IVR solutions assure customers that their queries are resolved back as soon as possible.

Parameter-Based Routing:

Parameter based routing helps to route calls to the ones that fit best for the query. The parameter can be:

  • Location of the caller

  • The time of calling new or repeated customers.

IVR segregates the customer base and directs it to the required agent. As a result, it helps ensure that you make the most out of the available workforce and save your budget and resources.

Why Hosting IVR Can Be A Blessing For You?

The IVR system is a blessing for start-ups. It helps to reduce the costs and comes with 24×7 assistance. Moreover, it allows easy upsizing and downsizing options which are the positive point for businesses in the expanding stage. Thus, IVR not only increases the brand image but also helps in ensuring that your business will make the best out of the available resources.

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