How Much Can Uber Drivers Earn in Manchester, UK?

The estimated yearly salary of Uber drivers is included with the projection of the cost of fuel, taxes, fares, maintenance, and toll, etc. These costs differ significantly depends on the driver and strategies they use. However, there are over 70,000 drivers employed by Uber in the UK. Let’s know more about this global company that employs more than 3 million employers worldwide, and find out how much do these drivers make.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in London?

An average Uber driver reportedly completes 2 trips in an hour. And in the Manchester area, a typical driver works around 30 or 40 hours a week. The cost of an average trip is almost £18. According to calculations, the average amount, a driver earns hourly is almost £36. However, a driver works 30 hours per week, his total weekly earnings are almost £1080. This makes his annual salary about £57000. As a part of the service fees, Uber takes around 25% of the cost and uses it for the development and improvement of services.

U-Turn Announcement in Drivers’ Rights

After the Uber driver compensation claim, Uber has announced more flexibility for their drivers. Their flexible package includes paid holidays and sick pay as well. Previously, Uber drivers were classified as self-employed contractors, and that means they were missing out on the benefits that are given to the workers. After a long debate, Uber driver brought their case forward and after all, the Supreme Court announced in their favour and they are then classified as workers.

What Are the Rights Of An Uber Driver?

The rights given to the drivers employed in Uber are:

  • National minimum wage
  • Paid Holiday
  • Sick pay
  • Title of workers
  • Access to pension
  • Contributions

How Much Could I Make If I Sign Up for Uber?

If you want to become an Uber driver, do not worry about your payment, and your right. Uber is providing a flexible and handsome income that will meet your certain requirements. In the UK, there are more than 70,000 drivers for Uber. These drivers roughly make £16 an hour and by working around 40 hours a week, they make almost £600 per week. This is an online business and your salary will be paid digitally. After the deduction of 25% as their service fees, all the money owed to you will be transferred to the driver's account. It is flexible and easy.

What Are the Driving Hours for Drivers?

As we all know, that a large number of Uber drivers work part-time. The drivers work for the hours that are suitable for them. But the maximum number of hours to drive are 12 hours. After that Uber application will notify them that it is time for the break.

There is a limit of 25% that Uber takes from their drivers to continue the development in their services. A typical Uber driver makes up to £16 per hour and up to £57,000 annually. The earnings are transferred into the account and drivers can withdraw them anytime they want.