How is the Bitcoin programmers routine?

How is the Bitcoin programmers routine?(Bitcoin Code)

Initially, the Bitcoin developer works voluntarily to propose improvements. However, some gain notoriety on GitHub and can become part of the so-called “key programmers”. This select group is 

responsible for evaluating the proposals and voting on whether or not they should be implemented in the system.

In practice, they are the only ones with authorized access to change the source code. In this context, some of them still work with startups that offer digital services, usually related to 

cryptocurrencies, or receive investment from companies to strengthen Bitcoin itself. After all, an increasing proportion of them use the currency in some way.

So you can see that programming is a critical skill for this professional — but it's not the only one. 

Much of your routine is focused on creating, reviewing, improving and analyzing codes. 

Still, development needs to be dealt with more broadly.

Looking at the profile of successful Bitcoin programmers, we can see that other very valuable 

skills are logical thinking, curiosity, interest in innovation and the willingness to learn new things. 

These are virtues that the new generations have to spare: it is not enough to simply execute a plan and create a functionality, it is necessary to think outside the box and seek continuous improvement.

How, then, can we develop these skills?

How to become a Bitcoin programmer?
For starters, you must seek quality training. A higher degree in the area of ​​programming is essential: Systems Analysis and Development , Database, Information Technology Management , 

Computer Networks, Information Systems etc.

Each of these areas has a specific focus, but they all address—albeit at different levels—programming and software creation. Anyone who wants to make a career with technology should keep in mind that there are many programming languages, and the first step is to head into Graduation to practice a lot.

One of the advantages of this profession is the possibility of starting very early. Even during 

your years of study, you can log onto GitHub and become familiar with the environment. When you start programming your first lines, develop the habit of studying the codes proposed on the platform.

A valuable tip is not to get too attached to understanding line by line at first. Focus on the logic of the thing and seek to understand the architecture of the system and its functionalities.

This panoramic look at the thing is extremely productive, as it gives you the ability to think of innovative improvements to that code.

Finally, be sure to invest in continuing studies to create a differential. If you want to stand out on GitHub or in companies that deal with Bitcoin, it's worth pursuing a Post-Graduate degree in areas such as IT Management, Software Engineering , BI with Big Data or even Information 

Architecture .

As you can see, we are talking about one of the professions that tend to gain more and more space in the labor market. If you want to be one of the Bitcoin programmers and start your career off on the right foot, look for a high-level training. With the support of a quality and trustworthy institution, you will have all the foundation you need to succeed in this area!


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