How an Effective Leader Handles Stress at Workplace?

Well, it is known to everyone being a leader is a very stressful job, and leading at the time of crisis increases the level of stress and sometimes it feels unmanageable.

In recent studies of British Heart Foundation has found that two in every five employees have accepted that stress at work affected their health and causes them to drink and smoke. The work of the leader is to maintain high-value client and employee relationships and directing the work to others. Yet, a stressed-out leader will struggle to manage this work successfully.

A leader has lots of burdens with huge responsibilities to guide their team to achieve their professional success. They also take care of the welfare of their team members, while maintaining their professional capabilities.

This hectic work causes stress which can affect your physical and mental health.

Here is how Leader Handles Stress at Workplace

Prioritize Self-care:

The best leaders are those who work selflessly in pursuit of a higher purpose and serving their people. They easily give up their time and energy to do the job done. But for being a good leader, you should take proper care of your mental and physical health, as it will help to work a long time and also it will set a good example for your team.

Learn to say no:

It is important to set priorities; at times of crisis, it is more important.

Always focus on the most important projects that are central to your organization's mission and turn down the rest. When you set priorities, you can easily finish important works and it protects you and your team from any loss.

Narrow the focus:

You can feel overburdened in difficult times, but when you lose focus you feel stress. To remove stress, you should plan about the importance to finish first then schedule less important work for the future, and also you can delegate when you want.

Don't be afraid to ask for help:

Everyone thinks that a leader is born leader and he doesn't need help or knowledge and they know everything by themself. Asking for help does not show that you are weak but it shows that your personality that you can accept your fails. This makes you stronger and better at decision-making.

Lead by example:

To describe to your employees that you don't expect them to do it all then first you need to start by showing them how it's done. Set a good example of effective practice, positiveness, and self-care, so that your team can learn from it.

But understand this properly, if you want to be a stress-free successful leader, just don't push yourself so hard that your mind stops working. This can irritate and affect your creative mind. To be a successful leader you have to deal with every problem with a positive attitude and calm behavior. Cameron Chell Currencyworks chairman, serial start-up entrepreneur and co-founder of ICOx innovations Inc. is an example of an effective leader. Cameron Chell heads ICOx innovations Inc., a publicly-traded company that harnesses blockchain economics and corporate currencies to build regulated, and branded corporate currencies to solve real-world problems.


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