Explore the distinct ways to develop and launch an UberEats

A hungry human is more powerful than an angry lion. When hunger strikes, people no longer remain normal. When you are hungry ,you do not want to go miles to buy your food. With mobile phones in your hands, you can order food from your place itself. Food delivery apps have become a necessity among individuals. Food delivery apps like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato have gained many users in recent years. These food delivery apps came as a sigh of relief for the users.


The food industry is a vital industry in the world. After the introduction of the online food delivery segment, the industry underwent a complete makeover. Along with this came the Covid 19 crisis, which restricted the functionalities of the restaurants. To survive in the market, many restaurants opted for third-party service integration that is the online delivery integration. Now the demand for food delivery apps comes from both the users and the restaurant owners. 


The online food deliveries will reach US$151,526 million by the end of 2021. This is based on the reports of Statista. The positive sign of the market also provides scope for launching new food delivery apps. This blog lets us know how UberEats operates and finds ways to develop a similar app like UberEats to throw in the market.


How does UberEats work? 


Launched in the year 2014, UberEats is a premium food delivery app that spreads its services to more than 500 countries globally. It is a leading food delivery service with catering services for nearly 22,000 restaurants. UberEats remains an aggregator and delivery partner for restaurants and users. The users can browse through their favorite restaurants and food online through a system search engine. According to the official report, UberEats earned a revenue of $4.8 billion in the year 2020.


The Dimensions of UberEats:


UberEats is concerned about providing its services for three categories. More than services, it is a platform to connect the users with restaurants and delivery assistants. 


Restaurants - Restaurants have integrated with UberEats for online food delivery. The restaurants will receive the order from the app and start working on it. Once the order is ready, the delivery assistants will receive the orders and deliver them.


Customers-  The customers are the users of the app. The users can browse through the app and order their food from their favorite restaurants. Along with the order, the users will get the time duration and cost for the order. Upon booking, they can track their delivery assistants through the app.


Delivery assistants - The delivery assistants are the ones who deliver the orders to the customers. The delivery assistants will also provide multiple orders in the exact location. They always stay in touch with the users to deliver their food.


How does UberEats earn its revenue?


UberEats earns its revenue in the form of commissions. In simple words, it is the agent body between the restaurants and customers. Commission is the app’s primary revenue stream. Here’s how UberEats gets its revenue.


Commissions from the restaurants - The restaurants pay an advance fee to the app for being its aggregator in the business. For every order the restaurant receives from the app, UberEats will get its commission. 

Delivery charge from the users -  The users will pay their delivery charge for each of their orders through the app. This charge varies according to the distance and time taken to deliver the order.


Advertisements - Advertisements are the vital source of revenue for these apps. To advertise their product in the app, the retailers will pay a considerable amount. The amount varies according to the length of the ads.


How to develop an app like UberEats?


The success of UberEats is a motivation for all entrepreneurs. The market is always open to innovations and creativity. Entrepreneurs can utilize the ongoing demand for food delivery apps and start launching their app in no matter of time. UberEats clone will be a perfect option for entrepreneurs to start their business.


Here are the steps to consider before launching your UberEats Clone:

Connect with the restaurants :


The first and foremost step is to connect with the restaurants. So, entrepreneurs have to approach the restaurants initially and convince them to be a part of the app. The entrepreneurs can also provide attractive offers and discounts for early orders. Nowadays, many restaurants are looking for this kind of option to grow their business. So, it is advisable to go with a good marketing plan while approaching them.


Along with this, it is essential to fix the commission rates also. Study the market and analyze the commissions charged by the other apps and improve your rates accordingly.


Target your audience:


After approaching the restaurants, the next step is to find the target group. Nowadays, almost all people use mobile phones. But finding potential customers is essential. More than the customers, it is necessary to target the uncovered areas by the other competitor apps. Specific apps do not cover certain places and regions. To find out that first and it is better to launch service in those areas.


Give more options for the users:


Develop an app with more options for the users to browse through. For example, options like re-order, suggesting their most ordered food item, pick up from the restaurant are becoming more popular. Like ways, plan for some unique opportunities.


Hire the best UberEats clone developers:


The last but not the minor step is to hire a team of developers who can develop a viable cloned app like UberEats. Finding the best of the best developers is significant; otherwise, you cannot create a scalable app that can withstand any changes in the future. The developers should have good knowledge of the latest software and technologies. And the most important thing is to develop a cross-platform compatible app for Android and iOS users.


On a concluding note,

The demand for food delivery apps is enormous. Entrepreneurs can never find such intriguing scenarios in the future. So utilizing this opportunity, Entrepreneurs can launch their UberEats clone in the market.


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