Enhance Hair Extension Sales With 2 Simple Techniques

Hair extensions are an easy way to improve the length or change your regular hairstyle to a completely new one. They also help with making you a completely new person and changing an identity (if you want to vanish). 

The market is overwhelmed with the brands that make hair extensions and tries to beat each other with different marketing techniques. They also try to get the most alluring hair extension boxes to outsell their product and attract maximum customers to it.

Similarly, they hold a great value in the market. Due to their tendency to change someone’s look entirely, many celebrities also wear them, which is most beneficial to the brands. A celebrity wearing someone’s hair extension is a walking advertisement for the brand. 

Here are some other methods that can help a brand succeed in making more sales.


As we spoke, a celebrity wearing your extensions can become your walking advertisement. Why? Because every fan notices every chunk about them. No matter what they wear, no matter what they do, they will follow them. Similarly, if a celebrity is wearing your extensions, then they will search about your brand and make you popular overnight!

Moreover, if you cannot afford to collaborate with some celebrity because they do not have enough expenses to do a collaboration.

In this regard, the following techniques will help you get the reach without spending any money.

Blogger From Instagram


Instagram is a great platform to look for small businesses or startups. The reason is there are a lot of people who are looking for inspiration about fashion and lifestyle. This opens up a vast amount of opportunity to new brands who are just starting out and want to increase the reach of their brand.

In this regard, if you want to look for someone who will increase your product reach, then go to Instagram and start looking for a blogger or influencer. After that select, someone who you think can really pull off the job and who is a popular person with a huge fan base. Then send them a PR package of your hair extension boxes. They will make a review video of using your product and help you with the reach. Obviously, they have got a huge fan base, and people who follow them are inspired by their lifestyle. Hence, they will get inspired to purchase your product too, and you can become rich overnight.


Similarly, reviews are truly beneficial for a product because people like to see real results. These bloggers and influencers show the real results to their audience and help them decide whether they should try this product out or not. If you think your product is amazing and it just requires some PR, then you should really consider this technique.

Improve The Packaging

Imagine someone is in a retail store and wants to purchase hair extensions. Know that hair extension is more focused on women that are rarely attracted to someone. In this scenario, how can someone purchase your hair extension and not from other brands? Yes, the packaging can help them decide whether they should purchase it or not. 

Similarly, a dull and odd packaging would surely repel someone from your brand and make them choose from others. This is because packaging gives an idea about the quality of the product. People will only purchase something that looks premium to them. 

If you think that everything about your product is unique, but your sales are completely down, you should try improving your custom hair extension boxes. 

Here are some methods that will enhance your hair extension boxes and make people walk towards them in the retail store.

  1. Make sure to select eye-catching colors for your products. This has a proven benefit of making people look at it and pick up the boxes.

  2. The printing should be premium; otherwise, the box will look low-quality and dull. Despite that, premium printing gives a whole new look to the packaging. It makes a glossy finish over the box and full color to attract the customers.

  3. Make sure the material of the packaging is right. For instance, if you want the printing to look good,r then go for cardboard or rigid material, these materials have a very fine surface, and they welcome every color on them. Despite that, you can go for eco-friendly kraft if you want more of a natural and tree-like structure of the packaging.



The choice is completely yours, and you can make the box as tantalizing as you want.

Similarly, you can purchase the packaging in bulk and get hair extension boxes at wholesale rates. With them, you can save a lot of money and spend that somewhere else. So, make sure you get the right hair extension boxes and be conclusive on the retail shelves.



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