Email Banner Designs to Get You Started on Your Next Campaign

It's pretty natural for a business to ponder over what kind of email will work its magic enough to capture the average viewer's attention and pique his interest. Business Emails are meant to update, inform and remind their loyal customer base that they are still relevant and operational. Customers have a brief attention span and are most likely to forget a brand unless they have a tool, they can utilize to trigger their target audience's memories.

Email marketing is still an instrumental weapon for all entrepreneurs. It enables loyal clients to check out the new and improved products and services of their brand. With the tremendous growth of social media marketing and other mediums, many businesses are expressing concern that the former and latter will move on to replace email marketing as the go-to marketing channel. This belief might hold water, but that does not mean that you trivialize the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is more direct, personalized, and perfect for enhancing brand recognition. This is why you cannot brush off the necessity of email marketing.

Opting for Promotional Emails

In the case of promotional emails, your header and banner image are vital elements. This is because this is the first material your receivers will be exposed to when they click to open your emails. It will also determine whether they would consider entertaining the content present in the email. If the email internal and external content is attention-grabbing, perfectly designed, and mirrors your branding image, you can promote your company efficiently. Just keep the contents of your email concise and straightforward. Readers do not bother reading content that they consider irrelevant or pointless.

The emails must consist of exciting new offers with a simple design outlook. If you do not want to see your email ignored by your reader, it is viable that you think thoughtfully about implementing a call to action and other elements that have a compelling effect on your design. You can always rely on flat-rate graphic design services for professional assistance. The designers present there not only have the tools and resources to execute your project, but they are also cost-effective. We will enlist some popular email banners that are pragmatic enough to advance your brand image and render your message convenient.

Dims: Attention-Grabbing Shot of Product

If you are selling original and unique products, remember to ensure that they maintain a dominant position in your email banner. Customers want to be intrigued by what you are offering them. If you take the example of Dim, they have masterfully crafted their Cleo Chair represented by the caption "Cleo is a hit." The email banner wraps it up with textual content mired with positive and glowing customer reviews. Emulating this style will establish the longevity of your brand. People value previous customers' input, which is why adding their praise is a potent strategy to undertake.



Honey: Beguiling and Straight to The Point

The header you expose to your target audience needs to have a memorable effect on them. As mentioned before, customers have a short attention span and will make a split-second decision whether they want to engage with its content and read further. This can be achieved if you embellish your email banner with aesthetically pleasing illustrations, bright colors, and a sharp call to action.

This will trigger a myriad of emotions in your target, the client's psyche, primarily if the email's visuals work cohesively. While it is imperative to note that this is, in fact, a promotional email, it also creates a sense of community and fraternity. Many email marketers have enforced content in their emails, highlighting how their clients have fared and how their clients have benefitted by joining their growing community. This plethora of emotions will have a substantial impact on your clientele.

Pitch: High Value, Fine Design

Do not forget about your presentation. Presentations are some of the most overlooked features of email banners, especially if you want to sell your email designs to your receiver. Pitch knows this trend all too well, which is why their banner manifested itself as a 3D realistic visual with images that are cute, riveting, and friendly all at the same time. Overall, their success lies in creating out-of-the-box designs that look unique and innovative. You can take the example of Pitch and try to experiment with similar 3D visuals to make them look more distinctive than the ones built by your rivals.

Stocksy: Try It with Humor

Stocksy's subject line, "Application Atrophying" is a reminder for their readers to finalize their job. Stocky did this by using a hilarious picture of a lazy monkey to entice users to finish their application. They used this strategy because Stocksy has an array of stock pictures, making sense as to why they utilized their product as their representative image. The point is to get viewers smiling and giggle at the creativity of the email banner. This whirlwind of optimistic emotions has benefitted Stocksy greatly, especially in the purchase of its services.

Airbnb: Inventive and Eccentric

The Airbnb design is not necessarily promotional, but it still works in the interests of the brand it represents. It has a distinguishing style and design that places it ahead of its competitors in the email marketing sector. Its visuals consist of beautiful colors, in-depth illustrations, and a pleasant caption that has the ability to melt hearts. This familial and warm messaging makes their email banner more approachable with respect to the target demographic. A positive and optimistic outlook represented with a smile can generate the correct number of clicks for your emails.

All set: Typography

Fonts are regarded as one of the most sensitive parts of visual designs, and emails are not an exception in this regard. Sometimes the fonts you use are more than enough for your email banner. But it is necessary that you restrict yourself from using more than two fonts; otherwise, it will be harder for viewers to decipher or interpret your text. The font you use can be conventionally granted that it still conveys your message clearly. All set is one example of a brand relying heavily on typography. They used inventive typography infused as their banner. Everyone who valued typo art was captivated by the email and made sure to click to review its content.

Picmonkey: Freebies Save The Day

Picmonkey has taken a simplistic initiative. By creating a simple header, they offer their users freebies. Users love anything that has no costs and will always entertain emails that provide them with free stuff or other experiences. Sometimes the banner alone is enough for the audience to be receptive. You may have to add some videography as they are more effective than static texts.

If the offer resonates with the user, the chances of them appreciating your efforts are relatively high. Picmonkey's gamble paid off in the end as more users began to enthusiastically wait to receive their emails offering them the same freebies. The word-of-mouth recommendations among the clients brought in a completely new customer base that continues to empower Picmonkey's brand.


Vimeo: Limited Time Offer

Emails that come with their offers at a limited time generally create a sense of urgency among users. If the offer comes with its value proposition, its effects can entice the receiver to take the appropriate action and purchase your product. Vimeo used this strategy and accumulated sizable revenue and traffic. More emails were accepted and entertained as a result. Suppose you want to adopt Vimeo's style and evoke strong emotions in your receivers. In that case, you can also add some videography to guide the receiver and assist him in purchasing the offered product.

Feather: Astute Subject Line

If you want to rely only on your header, then make sure that your subject line is catchy and memorable. Feather integrated this strategy with its emails and used words that placed more focus on the goods and products. In the case of Feathers, the product was the wood portion of their furniture. This kind of policy embodies liveliness, positivity and is organic. If you strive to make a powerful impact on your audience, then try and render your subject line emanating fun vibes while retaining its corporate identity.

The prospects of making your own email banner or at least improving upon it can be a tad bit tricky. But you can still practice the process until you get the hang of it. But the problem still lies in the fact that the procedure requires a significant amount of time and resources. This is why you can always take the next option and hire qualified experts who work on flat-rate graphic designs that will facilitate their endeavors monetarily and business-wise. Just so long as all the elements in your email maintain a cohesive relationship, you can guarantee yourself a compelling ad that will propel your marketing campaign to its pinnacle. All it takes is commitment, passion, and ambition which you need to embody before you kickstart this technique.


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