Does Your Old Furnace Need a Replacement?

Have you been looking for a brand new heating and ac system to install in your house to up your level of comfort? You should start looking into your choices before winter to help you enjoy the season in comfort.

We'll help you choose if you need a Furnace Replacement and guide you about the features to find in a brand new gas furnace. Therefore, you can have no difficulty locating a good heating unit for the house, and you will get it installed by a service company before the wintertime season arrives.

Does the Old Furnace Need a Replacement?

There isn't to hold back for the furnace to come to a halt before finally replacing it. You'd be able to dodge numerous problems and save investment property on unnecessary repairs if the replacement is performed on time. However, it's difficult to determine an ideal time for an upgrade on your own. You can always get suggestions about the problem from a heating and ac service company.

But it's about time you start exploring replacement options if your system is showing the signs listed below,

  • The system is 12-15 years of age

  • Require repairs more frequently

  • Fails to heat the place well

  • Occasionally cycles off and on

  • Higher electricity bills

  • Unusual noise

  • Low quality and smelly air

When contemplating an upgrade, consult a heating and ac service company if you should replace both the heating and ac units together as it's a better option.

Key Top features of Modern Heating Units


Getting the right-sized unit is vital because it defines heat that's put out. The system's size matters for efficiency, consistency, functioning, noise levels, comfort, and costs of heating your place.

You'd need to call a specialist heating and ac service company to execute a home assessment. They'll evaluate the place and determine the size that'll complement it perfectly.

Multi-Stage Burners

These burners assist in delivering different quantities of heat. This feature allows adjusting heat quantities of the furnace electronically under your preference.

Programmable Thermostat and Smart Controls

The programmable thermostat allows automatic adjustment of temperature and energy usage, so it is possible to set it by your schedule.

With smart controls in the present-day system, you can also check the outdoor temperature, humidity levels, and system efficiency. It enables adjustment of indoor conditions and reminds you regularly for filter change of the system.

Speed Blowers

Even as we explained earlier, a furnace blower is just a fan that delivers warm or cool air via the duct system to the whole place. Variable speed blowers can alter the speed at which the heated air gets distributed over the area. Some plans include a smart characteristic that allows adjustment in line with the changes in the environment and varies the airflow speed.

However, a system with a fixed speed blower functions at a single speed. It's based on the size and design of the unit.

Electronic Ignition

Most heating and ac units you will discover could have a hot surface ignition (HIS) system or a direct spark ignition system as their furnace ignition mechanism. These electronic systems save energy as they're not on the whole time.


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