Does Inexpensive Laundry Equipment Save Money in Long Run?

Identifying and reducing business expenses to increase profits is a critical step toward the success of any business. For instance, when it comes to your business’s on-premises laundry room, you may be tempted to cut costs by investing in inexpensive laundry equipment.

This decision might seem like a smart business move because of lower up-front expenses. But, inexpensive laundry systems will need far more laundry equipment services than high-quality equipment and cost you more in the long run.

While all industrial laundry machine manufacturers know that even their finest laundry equipment will need servicing at some point, there are additional factors that make investing in high-quality laundry equipment a better long-term investment.

Energy Consumption

Besides requiring more frequent laundry equipment services, inexpensive laundry equipment will also increase your utility costs. Since utilities are one of the main costs of operating commercial laundry equipment, you need equipment that efficiently consumes gas, electricity, and water.

Gas and Electricity

An inexpensive dryer typically uses anywhere from 25% - 40% more gas than a high-quality, energy-efficient unit. Additionally, a high-temperature dryer will reduce dryer time, therefore further lowering energy consumption.


Water usage can vary between washing machine types and brands. For example, the least expensive commercial washing machine, an agitator top-loader, uses anywhere from 19-26 gallons of water per 8lbs of laundry. This consumption compares with only 7 gallons for a front-loading machine.

Additionally, many less expensive machines do not include an auto-sensing feature, ensuring optimal water usage for each load.

Industrial Laundry Equipment Service and Repairs

Your commercial laundry services rely on highly functional equipment. While some industrial laundry equipment service and repairs are expected, typically, the more inexpensive your equipment, the more often it will break down. More frequent breakdowns result from cheaper parts, and less-expensive equipment is often not heavy-duty enough for commercial use.

While a warranty may cover some repairs and services, additional costs can arise due to emergencies or the need for evening or weekend service calls. Losing a machine to be repaired will also cost you lost revenue.

Lifespan of Equipment

Respected industrial laundry machine manufacturers build high-quality laundry equipment that can withstand the increased usage and higher volume of commercial use compared with residential machines.

Inexpensive commercial equipment typically has a significantly shorter life-cycle than high-quality, more expensive equipment, which means you will need to replace the machine much sooner than necessary.

When you add together increased energy consumption and higher utility costs, more frequent service and repair calls, and quicker replacement, inexpensive laundry equipment adds up to higher costs than if you’d invested in higher quality units at the outset.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery manufactures some of the finest laundry equipment in the industry. However, we know that you may require laundry equipment services at times. That’s why we maintain a staff of service professionals who are available to answer any questions you may have about your machinery’s operation, maintenance, and service. Contact CLM today to talk to one of our laundry experts.


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