Common Issues That May Occur with Your Garage Door Opener In Cedar Rapids

Garage door openers are an essential part of an electric garage door system. They open garage doors and make it easier to access a vehicle. The average lifespan for a garage door opener is ten to fifteen years. Over time, your opener’s components will begin to fail. Just like any other mechanical component, these parts will need replacing. How do you know when it’s time to have your garage door opener replaced? Here are four telltale signs to give you a heads-up.

Your Garage Door Fails To Open or Close

There are many reasons why a garage door won’t open. From unplugged motors to faulty sensors, simple problems are easy to troubleshoot and might only require a garage door opener in Cedar Rapids repair service. However, if you have tried multiple solutions and the problem persists, it could indicate a more complex issue with the garage door’s hardware and mechanism. If you push the button on your opener remote and hear the motor working without the garage door moving, it is most likely that the motor has burnt out. At this point, you need to call a garage door opener in Cedar Rapids service company to assess if your garage door opener is beyond repair.

Your Garage Door Opens So Slowly

Residential garage doors have an average speed of seven inches per second. That means your garage door should be able to open and close completely in roughly 12 to 15 seconds. There are cases when the operating speed is preset to the lowest during the garage door opener in Cedar Rapids installation. The speed can be adjusted on the setting switch within the housing of the opening mechanism. Basic wear-and-tear could also result in garage doors operating too slowly. Lubricating your garage door’s springs, gears, pulleys, and tracks should help them work in harmony. If neither speed control adjustment nor lubrication fixes the issue, a qualified garage door technician can advise you if your garage door opener needs replacing.

Your Garage Door Makes Excessive Noise

The older your garage door opener becomes, its motor will find it harder and harder to pull the door open. It is natural for the garage door opener to get noisier with age. If you can hear your opener making creaking or clanking sounds, talk to a professional for a garage door opener in Cedar Rapids repair. Generally, traditional-style garage door openers are noisy because they use a bicycle-like chain drive to open and close the garage door. Newer models utilize chain drives that are substantially quieter than older models. If the noise of your garage door opener bothers your household, you might consider replacing it with a new and quieter model.

Your Garage Door Uses Old Technology

All the issues mentioned above are in one way or another caused by the age of your garage door. One of the most significant benefits of switching into a new garage door is the upgraded features that come with it. For example, old-type garage door openers do not have photoelectric sensors that automatically reverse the door should it detect an obstruction. Newer models have enhanced security features and ultra-quiet mechanisms and are also more energy-efficient to operate. 

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