Boosting Customer Experience Using AI Chatbots

We are living in a world run by technology, and in a fast-paced life, we seek immediate answers to all our queries. And especially for businesses, it has become an essential part of customer service and satisfaction that their client executives and respondents cater to customers’ issues instantly. Do you remember the long wait on customer care numbers where you were told that you would be assisted shortly, but it was only an endless wait till you disconnected in frustration? Such experiences of the customer stain the brand’s reputation, and over the years it has become a dominant concern for businesses to sustain client loyalty. But concerning human interaction with clients (as a service readily available) for any communication round the clock is not inherently possible. Well here is how technology provided the solution to CX-- with the introduction of chatbots.

What is a chatbot? 

To provide information as demanded by the customer- and that too instantly- the chatbot was introduced. It revolutionizes the way we carry B2C communication and can save up to 30% of total operational costs. Every computer interaction that we carry— whether it is the assistive touch of Siri, a customer support service, or our smart-speakers like Echo Dot or Google Home, or even a tiny robotic help box on a webpage that helps us navigate through the website-- are all examples of an AI Chatbot. The biggest challenge to every business is to provide impeccable customer service, and the introduction of chatbots in every sector is proving to be a great boon for all organizations. At, we ensure that our client partners yield optimum usage of chatbots that we design for them.

How Can a Chatbot Boost My Business? 

Undoubtedly, more and more companies are now investing in enhancing their technologies to make an efficient and cost-effective business structure. Especially with Artificial Intelligence, businesses heavily rely on chatbots for they are cost and time-efficient, error-free, and work with precision. Here are a few ways how a chatbot can be a great addition to your business:

  • Time & Cost Efficiency: However efficient, communicating with a human agent may not be feasible at odd hours. Chatbots, on the other hand, not only save the manual effort of individuals to cater to client concerns but are also precise in address. This would mean that chatbots significantly reduce the time and cost of businesses.

  • Data Collection: Any form of communication is a warehouse of massive amounts of data, which becomes impossible for a human being to manage after a while. A chatbot can sieve relevant information acquired from interactions, and can help the business optimize its database when required.

  • Customer Service: In a recent study, as much as 64% of individuals preferred chatbots because of their 24/7 availability. Businesses can greatly benefit from a customer support chatbot-- so when a client wants to scroll through their favorite shopping app or book tickets to an impromptu trip at 3 a.m, chatbots are here to save the day (or night, pass)!

  • Appealing Software to Modern Workforce:  AI chatbots are gaining momentum in this society that is now more reliant on digital platforms. Urban dwellers are especially more appreciative of this technology due to its ability to personalize CX and save users’ time of interacting with a human agent.

Wrapping Up the AI Game

The role of a chatbot is not to entirely replace human touch with robotics, it is to support manpower by reducing human effort significantly. But the million-dollar question is, “will chatbots be worthwhile in my business?”-- and while the answer to this question is likely to be a “yes”, it still depends on several factors that you must objectively weigh. Visit our website today to request a demo for the best customer service chatbots. 


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