Best Lead Sources and Databases for B2B Lead Generation

Closing a sale with the perfect startup at the perfect time can mean much something beyond another client. It can mean pay for your business for quite a long time as that organization scales. Having both the continuously refreshed database of organizations with the leader/chief level contact lead for sales is critical, as captivating Harvard research has demonstrated you need to associate with organizations in front of your rivals to win significantly more of the sales.

Here we have talked about such B2B lead generation contact databases that can help you get more sales outreach and streamline the productivity of your sales team. These tools have huge loads of contact information with verified emails and phone numbers


A very famous contact database software utilised by millions of marketers and contains the contact information of more than 49 million businesses for your lead generation. You just have to set the filters as per your need and look for local as well as global leads within seconds. 

Soleadify lets you find verified emails within 60 seconds of your search and it doesn’t even ask for credit card details for its 14-day free trial version. 


ZoomInfo becomes famous by offering admittance to its developing data set of contacts, which is presently more than 100 million. ZoomInfo is currently quite possibly the most broadly received b2b database. It developed its information base by its exclusive web crawler. ZoomInfo makes it simple to prospect at scale and has added highlights. ZoomInfo was procured by DiscoverOrg in 2019. 

Cognism Prospector 

Cognism's worldwide information base has 400 million business profiles and 10 million organizations. It likewise permits you to get to Europe's biggest b2b contact dataset. Presented with the refreshed organization, individuals and even information, Prospector assists you with contacting the perfect individual at the perfect time.

Linekdin Sales Navigator 

The decision for the best prospective customers information base to discover and have the option to associate with the coordinated connections you need is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn is the norm and most generally utilized business relationship network. 

This software allows you to take advantage of this immense organization with updated filters for leads and the function to send direct messages. For getting and following individuals and organizations you require with information you can trust, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the spot to go. 


An exceptional, much more modest contender to ZoomInfo is Uplead. The organization has a contact information base with 46 million contacts and 45 million organizations. Uplead has solid information accuracy and appealing prices, however, the size of the data set and broadness of information focuses is smaller than the others. Uplead offers a solid solution that is ideal for SMEs or organizations new to sales insight with monthly plans without an agreement or yearly responsibility.


DiscoverOrg is notably better than with regards to information exactness, informative account data and a big business directory. Certainly, the organization separated itself in the business from the get-go for both the precision and the expansiveness of information gathered on the two contacts and records. While memberships are not reasonable beginning at around $25k per year, how LinkedIn helps one-on-one relationship building, DiscoverOrg accomplishes for prospecting for b2b potential customers at scale, especially with big business level records.

Hunter allows you to discover email addresses for key contacts at the organizations you need to target. They offer administrations for both email finding and email check. You can track down your first email addresses on their site at the present time, yet you'll have to make a free account. They have a free arrangement and different alternatives, contingent upon how much lead gen you need to do. 


While Aeroleads is an extremely nice lead gen device, there are a few grievances. For example, a portion of the numbers and email delivered don't appear to be updated. In any case, it's an incredible tool. With huge data and verified emails, they could get a standout amongst other lead suppliers. Aeroleads is a decent CRM device for producing leads or prospects. It is a multipurpose software, dissimilar to different devices which can just discover messages or simply can add leads to the CRM data sets


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