Benefits of Using Custom Mailing and Shipping Boxes for Your Business or Personal Needs

Premium Custom Boxes

Premium Custom Boxes is a premier Packaging Company that has provided great service to our customers for decades. We are delighted to add our services to the USA and are pleased to offer you a choice in either Personalized Box or Personalized Shipping and Mailing Boxes. Our company strives to always provide the best products and customer service for International Packaging needs. Our mission is to enhance your Packaging needs in a cost effective manner. We will deliver you an excellent product and service with prices that are affordable for everyone."


Mailing Cartons

Premium Custom Boxes is a USA based, provider of quality printing and customized shipping supplies. We offer Personalized Box, Expedited Mailing Cartons and they are available in over 50 different materials including corrugated, board, plastic and polybox. Most of our boxes come in custom sizes and are good for any size business from a single employee to thousands. The boxes come with our complete hardware and accessories and are ready to go. All of our boxes come with either front or side printing, either inside print or letter pockets, and are available with different thicknesses for a superior product.


Premier Packaging Company

"We are a premier Packaging company based in California. We have helped thousands of businesses promote their products with our unmatched services. Our exciting and new product lines allow our customers to choose the design, size and function for their packaging needs. Whether its business card boxes, promotional items, or shipping boxes, we have the solution for your needs. Our printed boxes meet all international standards for Packaging, and our customers receive the highest quality for their money. If you want a better experience when shipping your products or need assistance choosing the correct item for your occasion, contact us.

"A few years ago, we started printing boxes that were specifically made for this purpose, and had clients recommend our services to their friends and family. People seemed to really enjoy the convenience and the cost savings. Now we're even offering photo frames as well! We've even had people ask if we make them custom umbrellas, raincoats and mouse pads as well. These are all options that would definitely be appreciated."


Latest Printing Technology

"We at Premium Custom Boxes  are constantly on the lookout for the latest printing technology, especially in the area of digital printing. Printing products such as boxes and labels can easily be transformed into amazing works of art with a little creativity. Our printers provide a wide selection of durable inks, die-cuts, foil stamping, and other graphic tools that can turn your thoughts into reality. Our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we make it simple to find the perfect printer to meet your individual needs."

"The thing about Premium Custom Boxes  is that we always aim to deliver the very best in service, and we are always striving to make our customers feel like they are appreciated. When it comes to printing products, people like having something that's handmade and that holds a personal touch. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and create various products that can easily be customized so that our clients can make their lives just a bit easier. It's important to us that our clients receive the best service possible, and we hope to continue providing them with great customer service for many years to come." - Jason Demarco


Printed Shipping Boxes 

"We specialize in custom printed shipping boxes for your business or personal use. Premium Custom Boxes  delivers high quality printing products and has many years of experience in custom printed shipping boxes. Our team provides help and guidance for every kind of project from large scale commercial projects to small personal projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to help you meet your printing needs and choose only the best materials. You will appreciate the attention to detail in each box as well as our knowledge of the current marketplace and our willingness to work with you to meet your printing needs."


Service To Our Customers

"We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Every project is handled by a knowledgeable and friendly team, and we strive to give you the best possible product and service. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials available and working closely with you throughout the entire process. We work with you until you are 100% satisfied. In addition to our shipping boxes, we provide other products such as bubble wraps, labels, and envelopes. If you need a temporary solution to a long term problem, we are happy to help."


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