Benefits of Social Shopping On Instagram & Pinterest

Let us start with a few statistics - Around 30% of online shoppers say they are more likely to purchase from social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. More than 60% of shoppers have revealed that they get to know and discover new products through social media platforms. 

These statistics suggest that gone are the days of the old traditional shopping methods where users used to window shop for product discoverability since the latest trend of social shopping is much more result-driven and effective for generating sales. 

Instagram and Pinterest are two social media platforms that are mostly dominated by visuals. Since visuals are much more engaging, appealing, and attractive, these platforms are considered to be the best platforms for social commerce. 

The Shoppable Instagram feature and Pinterest's buyable pins have completely changed the shopping experience for users and have many advantages. 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the benefits of social shopping on Instagram and Pinterest. Keep reading! 

Major Benefits Of Social Shopping On Instagram & Pinterest

Genuine Engagement

Being a visually engaging platform, Instagram and Pinterest increase communication between brands and customers. 

Customers engage on the platform with the brand by leaving their likes, comments and share the content with their friends and followers.

The aforementioned points create User-Generated content on the platforms and lead to an authentic engagement on both Instagram and Pinterest.  

Build More Trust & Loyalty

If you are a brand with many loyal followers who take out their time to engage with you by leaving their likes and comments, you build more trust and confidence in your potential audience. 

More customer engagement would ultimately lead to your potential customers have increased trust and faith in your brand, and they would feel the need to purchase a product. Moreover, your existing customers would be more likely to repurchase your products. 

Mobile Shopping = More Revenues

More than 90% of social media users use multiple social media platforms through their mobile phones, and social shopping enables them to complete their shopping journey before leaving the platform. 

Since mobile devices are easy to use and purchasing can be completed in a few clicks, users prefer using their mobile devices for shopping and socializing at the same time. 

Improved Customer Experience Due To Easy Checkout 

One thing that social commerce offers that a regular eCommerce website cannot offer is an easy and convenient checkout experience. 

A regular online shopping experience has multiple steps, including product discoverability and a long lengthy checkout process. 

Filling many details to confirm the order often leads to irritation in customers that further leads to cart abandonment on the websites. 

In social shopping on Instagram and Pinterest, customers have easy and seamless access to checkout and confirm their purchases in a few clicks. Product discoverability is also not an issue since customers see the products they are interested in and often search for.

These factors further lead to an overall improved customer experience since the customer would be satisfied with the product and the shopping experience on the platforms. 

Increased Brand Reach

A happy and satisfied customer is more likely to spread the word about the product and your brand and recommend it to their family, friends, acquaintances, and followers. 

More word of mouth leads to more increased reach of the brand. 

Moreover, social media allows brands to maximize their reach by targeting customers worldwide and not just a specific place. Since social media is present everywhere, it becomes rather convenient to target customers and welcome international clients into your clientele. 

Gain Customer Insights 

Social Commerce gives brands a chance to get information on detailed insights. For example, using analytics, brands can get information on customer's behavior, the products they are most attracted to, the number of clicks and comments, and various other crucial metrics. 

Such insightful analytics can provide better clarity to the brands about the choices and experiences of the customers and the areas where the brand needs improvement. 

Social Commerce is a great way to get close to your customers as such crucial details allow you to work on your marketing strategies and the quality of your products. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms that mainly work on visual content. As mentioned above, since visuals capture the audiences' attention more, it gives access to social shopping to work its magic. 

We are hopeful that by now, you must be aware of how highly beneficial social shopping can be if you incorporate it into your business. 

Being an eCommerce business, if you do not utilize Instagram and Pinterest for displaying and selling your products, then you surely are missing out on a lot of opportunities to generate more leads and grow your business profits!