Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2021: What to consider?

The General Shareholders' Meeting of any company is an act held every year by legal obligation, which has a very important public impact.

The objective of this event is to carry out the annual meeting with the partners of the Entity who are informed from the Board of Directors of the management carried out during the previous financial year.

It will be an act for which a note of completion of tasks must be made, taking into account the following guidelines to continue specifying the task to be performed, the department or area responsible for that activity, and the different needs.

From this elaboration of guidelines, a calendar of actions will emerge that will allow to perfectly and co-ordinately plan the organization of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

In this way, action should be taken in the following fields that clearly affect the organisation of the act:

Shareholders and other guests

For dealing with shareholders, account must be taken of a number of areas involved and a series of actions to be carried out, such as invitation, accreditations, control of attendance, and everything that concerns relations with the shareholder, the protocol department must be very coordinated, with marketing, advertising, etc.


It will be arranged by ACRA in accordance with the areas to which the responsibility, interventions, of the President, CEO, etc. are responsible.

Shareholder intervention needs will also be arranged and planned if it is to be produced.

Documentation to be delivered

The Protocol Department should be coordinated with the areas responsible for preparing the different reports, both financial and otherwise, in order to implement what is necessary for their delivery and distribution either in the act itself, as before the holding of the Board.

Place and stage

Coordinated with the areas of Communication, institutional relations and responsible for the Corporate Image, the ideal scenario will be available for the holding of the General Meeting of Shareholders, always providing the physical and human resources that can meet the logistical, decorative and corporate needs of the Board.

Taking into account not only the necessary salon(s) and your reservation, but from the contracting of the necessary transport for transfers, to the planning of the audio-visual proposal that is considered appropriate by the responsible areas, through the necessary counters of gift collection, delivery of accreditations, final decoration of the stage, and all and how many issues affect the place and scenario where it is held.

These requirements can be summarized in the following sections:

The Competence of the Board, is delimited by the Law and the statutes of society, finding a limit on its competences in the need to respect the rights of the partners.

  • Call (Invitation)

– Public announcement of the call at least 15 days before the date of the meeting.

The agenda should be set out, reflecting the date of the meeting at first call and the issues to be dealt with

  • Constitution of the Board (Assistance Control)
  • Right of Assistance: In principle, all members have the right to assist.
  • Representation: The shareholder with the right of assistance may be represented at the general meeting by another person who does not have to be a shareholder,
  • Adoption of Agreements (Votes)
  • Board Act (Memory)

It is important when planning the organization of the Annual General Meeting, the formal requirements that ACRA establishes for your organization, since they will significantly affect all the tasks to be performed.


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