An Uber Alternative App Can Be The Next Thing!

Have you ever imagined a world without taxis? What would we do if we have an important meeting to attend and our car refuses to start, public transportation is stuck and there are no taxis? We would call it doomsday, wouldn't we? Taxis are one reliable source of transportation most of us depend on. Our dependency has scaled up this sector big time. The new and cool addition to the taxi business is the on-demand taxi apps. 

So, where were we before the introduction of smart apps into the taxi industry? Guess we all were running through the streets calling out the word taxi! Although it was ok for those days, today, things have changed. We can probably be at our home and make a few taps on our phones, and the taxi comes honking at our doorstep. Thanks to technology! 

But, the question is, have you ever been curious about how much revenue these taxi apps generate or ever jammed up with your friends and had some chit chat on launching an Uber alternative taxi app. If you've done any of this, it is time to buckle up and take things more seriously. 

Global Taxi Hailing Apps Projected Value

The ride-hailing has been witnessing a surge for a long time except for the plummet in the year 2020 because of the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, the ride-hailing industry is one sector that found its way back on track really soon. The projections are exciting, the taxi app industry is expected to yield around $70 billion in the year 2021, and the surge is expected to grow strong to a whopping $150 billion in the year 2026. A perfect market to sneak in and harness the maximum for entrepreneurs. 

So, wondering how you should sneak into this industry? Keep reading, my friend.

What Is An Uber Clone Or Uber Alternative App?

Uber clone app is an on-demand ride-hailing service app that allows users to book taxis and have a comfortable ride home. It is basically a readymade script similar to the pioneer of the industry, the Uber app. It has all the exemplary features and an amazing UI; the best part is, it can be customized, giving it a completely different and unique look. 

Why Choose An Uber Clone App?

The answer is very simple actually,

  • When building an app from scratch, it takes a really long time to bring it to perfection with no bugs and glitch. But on the other hand, an Uber clone app is a ready-to-launch solution that can be deployed instantly except for the customization part. An Uber alternative app allows you to plunge into the industry way too earlier than building an app from scratch.

  • To build an exemplary app with attractive user features on par with the existing taxi apps from scratch costs a fortune. Whereas launching a white-label app like Uber clone app costs way too low. Also, you get an app on par with the globally acclaimed Uber.   

Must-Have Features For An Uber Clone App

Let's have a glance at certain features that are basic and integral to a taxi-hailing app.


A sign-up feature to get users on board with the app. The users can sign-up using their contact number, email address, or social media credentials.

2.GPS Navigation

GPS navigation is a mandatory feature for a taxi app as it assists drivers to reach the destination of the user in the shortest possible route in a short time.

3.Variant Models Of Taxi

The need for a taxi by a user varies each time. At times they may require a mini taxi, while sometimes they may require an SUV. So offer them a variant of taxi models ranging from micro, mini, prime, and SUV.

4.Book A Ride

The main event for a taxi-hailing app is booking a taxi. The user enters their pickup and drops location and books their taxi.

5.Estimated Fare

This feature allows the user to be aware of the charge for the ride beforehand; this helps in their decision making of what type of taxi they have to choose.

6.In-App Chat/Call

The user has the option to call or chat with the taxi driver if they need to pass any information or guide the driver to their place.

7.Share Live Location

The taxi industry has always been threatened with safety issues. We can vanquish it by offering the users a share live location feature that allows them to share their real-time location with their friends and family and feel safe.

8.Review And Rating

Offer the users to have the privilege to rate and also write a review on their ride experience. 

Work Module Of An Uber Alternative App

The work module of a taxi hiring app is so facile, making it accessible for customers of all ages.

  • The user signs up effortlessly with their social credentials.

  • The location of the user is tagged with their permission

  • The user pins the pickup and drops location and the type of taxi they are looking for.

  • An estimated fare for the ride is displayed, and if the user is ok with it, they go ahead and book the ride.

  • The admin is notified about the ride request.

  • The admin assigns the ride to a driver closer to the user's location.

  • The driver either accepts or cancels the ride.  

  • Once the driver accepts the ride, the driver and taxi's details are shared with the user.

  • The user can call the driver if they have anything to inform the driver regarding the direction to their location.

  • The driver arrives at the user's pickup location and drives them to their destination.

Hire An Uber Clone App Developer

I hope you are very aware of the opportunities and the vastness in the market which you could harness for your benefits—also, about an Uber clone app and why you should go for it. Check out for a clone app developer with expertise in building taxi hiring apps, which offers you 100% customization, scalability options, and many more options. They have offers like free support, free deployment, free server installation, native app technology, and more. 

Final Thoughts

Do your research but don't take too much time; it is your time to fly high into your dreams. Launch your Uber clone app and start living the life of your dream. Best of luck! 





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