An Entrepreneur’s To-Do List to Stay Honest and Trustworthy to Every Customer

The quality of a business lies not only on the output it produces but most especially on the values that its owner and workers uphold. Among the most important virtues to highly esteem are honesty and trustworthiness.

Having these principles by your side day by day while you work as an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to succeed, not just in the industry but also in life. That’s not some sort of an exaggeration or a flowery explanation; truly, when your business is truthful, you will reach great heights, overcome pitfalls and reap sweet fruits beyond expectations. 

A business that is honest to its customers gains their trust. Needless to say, trust is a big, big, big word that determines whether or not people will try and support the business. A fundamental requirement to establish relationships and to maintain them, trust is earned from customers when the business is completely genuine in all ways. 

When your business is honest, you will become trustworthy, thus, people will find you worthy of their loyalty as well. Your loyalty to customers and potential buyers will result in their loyalty to your business. Credibility is attained. A respectable image is achieved. Reputation is clothed with goodness. Tons of advantages follow. 

It doesn’t hurt to be honest while you aim to triumph with your venture. Moral values, such as honesty and trustworthiness, are essential to begin and remain in the bustling industry of business. Below is a to-do list on how you can stay honest and trustworthy to your dear customers. Check it out, and make sure you are ready to tick them off your own list!



A major factor that clients look into the products and services they are planning to avail is the price. Of course, that consideration is relative to the quality and quantity of them. 

Wise customers know when the quality is worth the rates presented to them. When they believe that the prices can still go lower, they negotiate or look for other options in other shops. That is for experienced customers who know the tactics of buying here and there.

However, there are customers who are neither fully informed nor versed in the market. These kinds of people are the ones often fooled by dishonest sellers who set prices higher than what they should set. Never be like those sellers!

Do not overprice your products and services to yield benefits for yourself while abusing people who are in need of what you offer. Indeed, businesses, especially re-sellers, need to raise their selling prices sometimes because they won't gain money if they don't and because they also charge for labor and other involved expenses. However, overpricing is not an honest thing to do. 

Be fair, reasonable and realistic when it comes to your price tags. This is a must if you don't want potential customers to just walk by your shop and regulars to leave.



Writing this down is optional, but still, be reminded. You are honest to customers when you ascertain that you give them only the best quality of everything! 

Most especially when the prices are genuinely high, let them have what's worth their money and time. If you can do the best, why settle for 'just good'? From the processes unseen by customers to the outputs they get to hold with their own hands, make sure you don't settle for half-baked results! Ban mediocrity in your business, and always exercise honesty!



This is probably the most basic of all ways to show how trustworthy you can be to all customers, be it first timers, return, repeat or recurring ones. Give back excess portions of their payments.

Do not ever be tempted to turn a blind eye if ever it happens that a buyer unawarely pays you more than the required amount. It can be just a penny or a whole pricey bill right there, yet nonetheless, return it if it's not what the clients are supposed to settle. 

Only when they straightforwardly tell you it's a tip or a token can you happily take these excess amounts. And don't forget to be grateful!



In almost all kinds of businesses, asking for personal information from customers is necessary. That is to take note and keep track of their purchases, to deliver them their orders, to remind them of appointments, to include them in future giveaways, to notify them about flash sales and more! 

If your enterprise requires customers' confidential details, you must be extremely responsible with safekeeping them all. Are you carrying their financial data, bank transactions, medical and health records, contact information, visitation schedules and histories and other crucial documentation? 

Be trustworthy by making sure that they are not irresponsibly disclosed to anyone without the owners' consent and that they will not be used to harm or defame anyone, especially the owners.

Hope not, but just in case any of these substantial details get leaked, hacked or stolen, immediately let the owners know and assure them with your assistance. Owning a business insurance can be a tremendous aid for you and your clients who are also victims. 

If these data are stored in digital devices and online directories, a cybersecurity insurance can help you recover from losses that the business faces from the attack. Having the right business insurance is another way to be called a trustworthy and dependable business.



As a hands-on entrepreneur supervising all business operations 24/7, you see to it that orders arrive in good condition to your clients. You use various kinds of wrapping materials, so there won't be anything folded, cracked, smashed, torn and broken. 

However, business operations are not always perfect because there could be flaws due to human error and machine error, plus time constraints, traffic and other unexpected things arising. This is a reality to face and to be prepared for.

Whenever a client complains about products that they receive damaged and defective the moment they open it, be kind enough to replace them. If you don't offer and don't have any option to repair them, then replace them wholeheartedly. If you don't have a third-party courier but you have your own, then yes, replace the item. 

This not only proves your honesty but shows your humility to admit wrongs committed by your party. Though there could be a bad record at some point because of the defective item, the customers involved will still have a reason to order again in the future, and that is your fidelity and trustworthiness.



When conversing with prospect clients, you may feel the want and the urge to take the sales talking to a higher level -- higher than the truth. When your regulars are still hesitating at a certain offer, you may be tempted to captivate them with promises you aren't sure yet if you can fulfill. These are both not right and not okay.

Do not exaggerate the goodness of your business just to bring in and keep customers. Doing so is equal to misleading them. Surely, when they get enticed by your hope-filling words, their expectations will spring up. Unfortunately, you were kind of bluffing that time, so when they receive your product or service, they will be unsatisfied and disappointed. 

Produce outstanding outputs, so you can become licensed to brag about how your business is worth their time and money! But if your business is still developing, then no problem too. Just keep going, and be honest with your customers. Do not give them false hopes that will turn their hopeful smiles to dim frowns.



Exemplary customer service equates to giving all your best to make sure the customer is treated well, is content and is receiving what they want. You love to hear them complimenting you all the time, and agreeing to everything they say and request seems like a key to always be on their good side. 

But look here. As an expert in your field, you can clearly see when the clients' wants are also what they need to obtain great results and to resolve their issues. You also see when they are not. 

Yes, you want to obey and give them what they want, yet there are times when you know that there are better options to get the best outcomes. You might be afraid that the customer will feel like you don't respect their decision, but don't focus on that. Tell them that you just want the best for them; that's why you're suggesting a choice that's more advantageous for them.

The quote 'customer is always right' does not apply to all instances. Sometimes, you have to disagree when needed, so you can share your expert knowledge, skills and experiences to your clients. You can earnestly show that you totally care for them by doing so. 

Even when disagreeing means getting profits lower than if you just agree, it’s fine because this is honest work. For businesses, this is one of the highest, if not the highest, forms of honesty.



For your business to invite potential customers and to retain existing clients, earning their trust is a must. That can be achieved not only through catchy marketing styles and friendly connections but most of all, through honest and trustworthy work. Relationships with clients are formed and strengthened when this is what every entrepreneur keeps in mind and does with a heart.

Your business profits may be progressing slower than you want them to, and there may be challenges along the way, but never be tempted to trick, lie and give the least quality to customers who deserve the best. 

Grand victories often start from gradual buildups, some setbacks and then small wins! If you just keep working hard while being sincere to everyone, you will receive blessings greater than you imagine.

Values as a person still weigh more expensively than money. In your business and in everything you do, always give your best while being totally honest. Soon, you will seize a breakthrough!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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