Advantages Of Hiring An Inbound Marketing Agency

We know what it costs to decide which the most appropriate solution is for you and your company: so many factors depend and influence that sometimes we are not able to determine whether it is better for us to outsource or create our own team. What we are clear about is one thing: marketing, specifically inbound marketing, is a necessary science in every company that has come to stay. It does not matter if your company has just started or is already established in the market; if you are only two partners or if you have a staff of more than 30 employees. You are always going to need a marketing solution. And in this post we tell you your options.

Marketing agencies

Many of the companies we work with, at the beginning of our business relationship, ask us: “What exactly does a marketing agency do? Why is it better to delegate the strategy to an external agent? Did we decide something from the company? " These are the great doubts that every company raises when hiring a marketing agency. Doubts, little transparency or lack of communication may be the factors that play against you, but here is a list of the advantages of hiring an inbound marketing agency: • They are totally specialized in marketing, inbound marketing or whatever branch you choose. • They have a trained and experienced staff in the sector, so their strategies tend to be more solid. • Its staff is usually made up of specialists of different modalities: an SEO, Inbound Managers, Account Managers, Copy’s, Social Media Strategists ... So they are able to offer much more complete solutions. • Strategies are usually paid per year: for a single price you get the strategy and services of all this time, including constant support and communication. • The objective of the agency is to develop the strategy from the outside but collaborating as if it were inside, creating a relationship of trust and collaborative work with the staff of your company.

Freelance Marketers

This professional profile is becoming more and more common in the marketing sector due to the boom in teleworking and the possibility of hiring it on demand, that is, only when you need it or have work peaks. The marketers freelance usually trained professionals in Marketing, Advertising or any of its common sciences, specializing in a particular branch and have gained invaluable experience over the years, so they can offer their services as self - employed different Business. There are different websites and professional databases such as Malt where you can easily find the freelancer you need: either by location, rate or professional experience. The advantages of hiring a freelance marketer are quite logical: if your company is an SME or small business, or you only have seasonal avocado oil processing companies / sporadic peaks of work, this solution may be the most appropriate, since it is not usually dependent on a closed contract but on demand. However, it must also be borne in mind that by hiring a freelancer you renounce the exclusivity of the work: logically, this freelancer has many more clients for whom he performs work, so your marketing strategy is probably not unique and exclusive. In addition, the overwork carried out by this type of professionals often works against them, since it does not allow them to dedicate the necessary time to each client.

Hire your own team

Of course, if what you are looking for is a team to work with quickly, who knows your company perfectly and is 100% committed to it, the solution is to hire an internal team specialized in Marketing. Logically, this may seem like the ideal solution, but before launching into hiring staff you must answer several questions: • Where is your marketing strategy? Have you ever worked with a marketer? • Do you think there is enough work to cover a part or full day of a professional? • Do you think you can cover the salary and social security expenses that a worker supposes for a full year? And that of a team of 3-4 people? It is important to bear in mind that a professional in this sector, depending on their experience and training, can charge between € 30,000 and € 40,000 per year. And we are talking about only one worker: probably, a single person cannot do all the work; that is why we refer to an in-house team. Multiply that salary by 2 or 3 people who make up your team, approximately. The budget for a team is, without a doubt, the highest of all the options that we are evaluating. Although it is true that it is a long-term investment, we must be aware of the proximity of the expenses that we will have to cover.


In case you still have any doubts about which is the most appropriate profile for your company, we have developed this comparative table of costs that will surely help you make the final decision:


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