About Roof Repairs for Damages and Leakages

Someone somewhere said, “your roof looks after you, so look after it too.” If you are a proud homeowner, then you will have a list of reputed contractors for “roof repair near me”, prepared for an annual roof inspection and regular roof maintenance and upkeep. Regularly inspecting the roof is crucial as part of the building that faces direct sunlight, rain, snowfall, and other elements is thrown at it, such as dry leaves, dust, and visiting birds and rodents. Since people rarely look over their roof, one first spots the signs of damage when affecting the building structure.

2 Reasons for Roof Damage

The two main culprits of roof damage are -

  1. Leakage

The most common reason for leakages in the house is caused due to water accumulation on the roof or due to loose joints which cause seepage. When even a single tile or shingle breaks due to wear and tear or harsh weather conditions it exposes the underlying layer. Leakage on flat roofs is caused due to poor workmanship or cold joints in concrete.

  1. Damage

Asbestos sheet and polycarbonate roof materials are prone to leakages due to joints getting loose due to wind. Often, the connecting screws loosen, and the holes become bigger and create leakages. If damaged tiles are not taken care of immediately, it exposes the surface underneath the tiles to seepage which will cause pooling and eventually leakage through ceilings into the attic and slowly work itself to the walls of the house.

Damage can also be caused due to accidents such as tree branches falling on the roof or natural disasters such as cyclones, tornados, hail, or heavy snowfall.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Whether you must search for Flat roof repair near me or replacement of the old roof depends largely on the age of the roof, the extent of damage, and the purpose of roof replacement or repair. In most instances, roof repair is the cost-effective and easy choice because it is less disruptive of the structure and gets done faster. However, there are circumstances where partial or complete replacement of the roof is essential due to heavy damage. Generally, the life of a roof is 20- 25 years and if it is well-maintained then this can be extended up to 30 years (again depending on the type of roof). If the roof is older than 20 years, then it is prudent and cost-effective to replace it because the repair work may not hold for long. If the roof is damaged due to a storm or other such natural disasters, then most local roof contractors in Dallas will advise replacing the roof as the amount of repair work may end up costing more than replacing the roof.

Cost of Roof Repair

The cost of roof repair is determined by the type of contractor you found on the “roof repair near me” search, that is the area where you live, the service they are offering, the material they use, and how much they charge. Apart from this, the costs depend on –

  1. Area of repair
  2. Roofing material used, that is tile or metal roof repairs are costlier than shingle repairs
  3. Expenses due to the underlying, sheathing, gutter cleaning or repairing, insulation, interior structure repair, ceiling damage repair

Someone said, “Compromise makes a good umbrella but a poor roof”. Do not stint on ensuring that this most important part of your residential or commercial building is secure under a strong roof. Problems in the roof can percolate into bigger structural issues that may lead to damages not only to the building but also to the furnishing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC components of the house in the form of mold, short circuits, separating from the wall unit, etc. Explore roof repair, replacement, and maintenance options at -



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