8 Effective Influencer Marketing Strategies For Branding


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing at the very basic level is the endorsement of your product through an influential individual. Primarily this marketing strategy uses the influential individual’s hold over their fans. It uses the trust that these people have to its advantage. When products are endorsed and promoted by these influential people it is considered as social proof of truth due to their fans’ dedication and trust.

Earlier this role was reserved for celebrities but in recent years social media has helped to obliviate this distinctive role. Social media has made celebrities out of people - also known as influencers, who enjoy the same amount of influence traditional celebrities do. This has become a key factor in why influencer marketing has become synonymous with social media influencers. The advantages it provides, especially to smaller businesses, has become a key factor for its popularity among marketing strategists.

Why should you opt for this marketing strategy?

In today’s time, influencer marketing has taken a front seat among marketing strategies. It offers many benefits to brands and this reason has factored in its success. Many small businesses find this type of marketing cost-effective. This is because while a lot of influencers have to be paid in cash, there are also a lot of them who accept free products, discounts, or commissions. This is also a good strategy to identify your niche audience and your target audience. Brands can build a tight community of dedicated customers with the help of influencer marketing. It is also helpful to keep a connection with active consumers.

Social media influencers usually have a very strong agency over the opinions and preferences of their followers. Confluencr, One of the largest influencer marketing platforms quotes that over 70% of people have admitted to relying more on influencers than celebrities. This has made influencers a fantastic ground for marketing communications.

Marketing strategies that are Important for Influencer Marketing 

Let us look at some effective ways to maximize this strategy that is essential for the branding of an organization.

Choosing the Correct Influencers

When opting for influencer marketing you must select the right influencer. The selected influencer should be from the same industry as your product. An influencer that reviews technology will not be of much help to a makeup brand. The reason behind this is that an influencer’s audience is symbiosis to their niche. The right influencer will give the best results for branding. It is also important to leverage micro-influencers since they are often drawing in more engagements than influencers with large followings.

Giving Free Products 

This is the most cost-effective way to work with an influencer. Many micro-influencers like to work for free products or even discounts on products. This method of compensation is especially beneficial for startups and small companies. It is helpful when the budget for marketing is limited.

Social Media Account Takeovers

Letting influencers guest post helps to boost the company’s brand.  Social media account takeover is another way to boost the awareness of a brand. Followers of the influencer often end up in the company’s virtual space due to activities such as these. This helps to increase the exposure of the brand.

A Long-Term Relationship

Brands should not only work with influencers over a short period. A long-term relationship is often very beneficial. It helps to develop a good partnership with the influencer. Big brands often have ambassadors due to this very reason. A long-term partnership helps to associate a brand with an influencer. It is an effective way to build the reputation and value of a brand.

Affiliate Partnership

This is when brands offer a commission to influencers over the sale of products. Providing influencers with promo codes or links to product purchase pages is how it is done. The advantage is two ways. 

The influencer is motivated for their commission as this is their compensation. Their motivation can often boost sales for the business. This is beneficial to both parties and is also effective with branding.

Creating Events

Brands often create events and activities where influencers are invited. These events are often publicized with advertisements. The invited influencers often post about these events on their social media which is very helpful to create a buzz among curious followers and fans.

Creative Freedom

Giving influencers the creative freedom to promote products allows the ads to be authentic. They appear more genuine to their fans which in turn makes the ad more trustworthy. It helps to advocate the brand as flexible and genuine. This creates a positive perception for potential buyers.

Challenges and Contests

Activities such as fun challenges and contests create a healthy competition among influencers and also create buzz among followers. Winners can be allotted by who creates more engagement and traffic. The brand becomes more visible which creates more engagement. It also draws more traffic to the brand’s website. 

The above-mentioned strategies are highly effective when it comes to influencer marketing. Nonetheless, this highly popular tool of marketing is not a fit-all phenomenon. So following them with the right research and data will only lead to a more stable branding and visibility.

Author Bio:

Allina Ghosh is an aspiring journalist who is currently working as a content writer at She has been writing for influencer marketing and has imperatively grown & learned about all the important advantages of marketing. When not working, she can be found in her favorite coffee shop, reading books, cooking, and traveling the world.



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