7 Must-Have Office Amenities At Your Work-From-Home Space

We don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news to anyone; however, things aren’t looking too good -- we all know that. With the way things are escalating, everyone is bound to stay indoors and work from home for a few more months. If you’re a fan of staying and working indoors, congratulations! If you aren’t, we can only help you by making your work-from-home station, aka the home office, more efficient and better, so that you don’t miss your office desk too much. So, keep reading to know more about seven office amenities that can make your workstation at home better and help you be more productive. 

1. Plug-in monitor

You cannot keep working on your laptop constantly. It is terrible for your neck and back as it requires you to stay hunched over the screen while you work. Even if you have a standing desk, it causes strain to your neck and shoulders. It is better to get a monitor to plug into your laptop when working at your home desk.

2. Printer placed close to your desk

If you work in a corporate office or one that deals with paperwork, you must own a printer at home. Even if you work in a paperless office, you might still need to scan documents. In such cases owning a multi-purpose printer can be very beneficial. It would help you avoid making runs to the local printing and scanning facilities, decreasing your exposure to contamination. 

Maintaining a printer isn’t a hassle at all. Even if your printer breaks down, most electronics companies send repair technicians to your home. For instance, you could book an appointment for printer repairs in Adelaide and have them come to your home the same day itself. 

3. Good and efficient source of light

Working from home has ridden our lives from the concept of time. With late-evenings meetings and important presentations, it is essential that you have proper working light to avoid straining your eyes. Get a powerful source of light such as an L.E.D. lamp for your desk.  

4. Natural light is a must too

Working under artificial light even during the daytime isn’t good for you. Your eyes need some source of natural light too. Set up your workstation right beside a window, even if it’s tiny, to allow some natural light to fall on your workstation.  

5. Some space to stretch and walk around

Sitting in one place constantly causes backaches and stiff necks, sometimes leading to chronic issues. Have some space around your work station dedicated solely for stretching, moving around, and doing light exercises. You could keep a yoga mat and resistance bands right beside the desk to help you with those exercises. 

6. Desk with some storage space

To work efficiently, you must have a clutter-free space. Having some storage near or built-in your desk can help you keep your desk clear. It also helps keep all your important documents and essentials in one place, helping you stay organized. 

7. Good and comfortable chair

Good posture is essential for people who work in an office that requires them to sit in one place for a long. This could result in bad posture causing severe neck and back issues. To avoid such problems, it is best to invest in a good-quality ergonomic office chair. Make sure to find a comfortable one that has good neck support and backrest.

You could also get a standing desk for your home office, which can help you maintain good posture. 

Setting up a home office can be challenging. However, with a few clever decisions, you can bring together a great office space that can help you work efficiently and comfortably. 


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