5 Things to Remember Before you Start Vlogging


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a name you might be familiar with. Probably not... PewDiePie, the world's most prolific vlogger with a net worth of $20 million, is best known as PewDiePie. Unlike other vloggers who monetize their fame by selling merchandise, PewDiePie made the majority of his money solely by vlogging or making videos for his YouTube channel. PewDiePie has amassed over 96 million viewers around the world throughout his vlogging career.


YouTube has allowed you to reach a wide audience and establish yourself as an online media personality. It is not expensive to begin vlogging: all you need is a decent video camera on your smartphone. We've put together a helpful checklist of what you'll need to get started. However, there are five things to keep in mind before you begin vlogging, especially if you want to make money from your YouTube channel.


Is it Possible to Make a Living Vlogging?

Yes, indeed. Thousands of people make a living by vlogging. YouTube has 1.9 billion daily users who stream more than 5 billion videos. Every minute, more than 300 hours of high-definition (HD) video are uploaded to YouTube. In reality, YouTube has over 13 billion videos, and the number is increasing even as you read this post. Visit techmong.com to buy the best vlogging equipment.


It's not easy to get to the top, but if you're interested in becoming a vlogger, here are five things to keep in mind.



5 Things to Keep in Mind While Vlogging

The first move before you begin vlogging is to review the YouTube community guidelines for uploading videos. The type of content you can upload on the online video sharing site is governed by some very strict guidelines, so make sure you're familiar with them.


Choose a niche

Before you begin vlogging, the most important thing to do is pick a niche. You need your video to stand out in a sea of over 13 billion videos on a variety of topics. YouTube has videos on almost any subject imaginable, including the universe.


In an ideal world, you'd target a low-competition niche and come up with a creative concept for your vlog. Since something appears to be taken, you can get a decent idea for YouTube videos from blogs and other websites. When you've decided on a niche, make sure you have the necessary skills and enthusiasm to vlog about it. This will allow you to begin vlogging almost immediately because you will be well-versed in the subject or theme.




PewDiePie and other successful vloggers actually pursued their passion for making videos. Doing the same would undoubtedly benefit you as well.


Never, ever

Taking videos from other sources, particularly popular songs and movies, and uploading them to your channel, often with a review, is known as copyright infringement. Vlogging about music and movie reviews is a great way to gain instant fame, but it can also get you in a lot of trouble.


Remember that the artist, recording label, or movie maker owns the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to music and videos.


If you're going to make a vlog about music or movie reviews, just use clips that are less than 15 seconds long. YouTube has an IPR-screening policy as well. This means that if your vlog breaches international IPR laws and regulations, it will be deleted from YouTube.


Join YouTube's Partner Program by subscribing to their channel.

Vloggers can earn money on YouTube by uploading high-quality, appropriate content that adheres to community guidelines and international standards.


Since YouTube makes money off of the material, they want to make sure it's good enough to make money. When your content meets their expectations – here's a link to a page that explains what you'll need to do so: YouTube Affiliate Program – You'll be able to participate in their YouTube Partner Program. YPP helps you to earn money in a variety of ways by vlogging.




So, if you're going to start vlogging, make sure you figure out how to make your YouTube channel YPP-eligible. All you do must be deliberate. Allowing it to happen by chance is not an option.


Make a Vlogging Strategy

What is a vlogging strategy? In the simplest terms, it means determining who your vlog's potential audience is, determining the type of content and frequency of uploads, determining how to get more people to watch your vlog (distribution channels), and determining how to keep viewers interested in your "show."


Consider a vlogging strategy to be similar to a "Show Schedule," since it will act as a road map on how to go about vlogging and earning money. Make a list of the videos you'll make before you start vlogging, and try to give each one a purpose: If I make video XYZ, I'll attract people who like ABC.


You will now find excellent books and journals to assist you in planning your vlogs, creating vlogging plans, and growing your YouTube channel. These books may provide useful information about the world of vlogging.


Promote, promote, and promote some more.

Finally, keep in mind that you'll need to promote your YouTube channel before you start vlogging. Also the biggest movie studios have a marketing plan for their films. You will find a plethora of tips and guides on how to promote your channel online, but where do you begin? It all depends on the audience you're vlogging for. Promote your vlog on LinkedIn if you're vlogging for professionals in a specific industry. Are you planning a pet-related vlog? Consider being a member of a Reddit or Facebook community. If you're going to start a car-related vlog? Look into joining a car website, for example.


Make sure you expose yourself to scrutiny, regardless of the type of vlog you're doing. This input is extremely important. It allows you to get a sense of your subscribers' needs and tailor your vlogging to meet those needs. In reality, before you start vlogging, read the online tutorial on YouTube's official website to learn how to promote your channel.


This takes us back to the subject of objectionable content. Several forms of content are also considered unacceptable by YouTube due to global socio-political developments. As a result, stay up to date with what types of content are permitted.


Vlogging is a fun way to make money when pursuing your passion. You can become a professional vlogger and a YouTube star by using a few easy tricks and tweaks. Vlogging, on the other hand, necessitates a great deal of patience and imagination, as well as extra effort. You'll be the producer, editor, promoter, and manager of your own show. Vlogging is not easy, but keeping these five things in mind before you begin will help you develop a channel quickly and successfully.


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