4 Questions Answered on whether to buy gold bars or 1 gram of gold coin

If you are a first-time investor looking at new channels for investing besides shares, real estate, or bonds, gold is a good place to start. It is the safe-haven investment that protects you against inflation, deflation, stock market fluctuations, currency devaluation, or other economic crises. It is the best hedge against financial uncertainties, and you can start with a modest 1 gram of gold and slowly build your holdings as your portfolio grows.

We will answer a few very pertinent and frequently asked queries on whether it is a better option to buy gold bars or 1 gram of gold coin and other aspects of gold investment.

1.Should I invest in gold coins or gold bars?

The preferred mode of gold purchase is either to buy gold bars or gold coins. Gold bars are easier to store when they are of heavier weightage, that is 1kg, 2kg, 10kg, or 20kg. The making charges are much lesser for heavier gold bars and you save a lot there. However, there are options to buy gold wafers of 1gm, 500gm, 2gm, or 10gm value among others. These are also a good form of investment in gold bullion. You can purchase 1 gram of gold coin in bullion form for its face value or as a collectible for numismatic interests. Both are good as investment vehicles, but if you are not a coin collector, it is better to stick to bullion coins with guaranteed face value and investment returns.

2.Which gold coins or gold bars should I buy?

There are many choices in bullion coins and bars from reputed refineries and government banks around the world. It is always advisable to select a well-known design from a reputed mint as they come with their unique ID, distinctive markings, and certificate of authenticity that has validity across the world. Similar rule applies to gold bars, though the heavier gold bars mostly do not come in tamper-proof assay package from the mint. If you are making a large investment for wealth preservation, it is better to go for gold bars as they are easier to store and exchange. 1 gram of gold is more valuable in coins, but when you buy coins, pick them from reputed dealers.

3.When is a good time to invest in gold?

It is always a good time to invest in gold because it has historically maintained a steady increase in price that hasn’t been matched by any other investment class. In fact, gold is the wealth insurance of a diversified portfolio. unlike shares or real estate, gold investment is less about timing and more about when you are ready to invest in gold. Gold prices fluctuate, and if you are thinking long-term, you can wait till market rates are comparatively lower and the purchase price is at the amount you are willing to spend.

4.What are the mistakes investors make when they first become gold owners?

The most common mistake is to buy gold jewelry for investment. This is highly inadvisable, if you are being gold jewelry, although it has inherent value it is better to not view it as part of your investment portfolio. Purchase gold bullion coins or bars that are easily recognized by reputed dealers.

Buy gold bars in NYC to hedge financial uncertainties and it doesn’t matter whether you invest in gold coins or bullion. What is important is that you buy from a reputed dealer and ensure that the gold coins come in a tamper-proof assay package. There is never a right or wrong time to start saving and investing for the future, so do your homework and make an informed decision when you make your purchase.


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