10 ideas for communication actions for companies during the Corona virus period

As we all know, the global economy has been at a standstill since the start of this health crisis caused by Covid-19. Most businesses are at a standstill and their loss of revenue is colossal. To help companies take the leap and prepare for their resumption of activity, we wanted to offer them some ideas for relevant communication actions.

Here are 10 ideas for communication actions during Covid-19:

Communicate internally with your employees Do not be afraid to disseminate information to your employees, the more you communicate with them, the more they will feel supported and accompanied in this Covid-19 crisis. Here are some examples of information to distribute to your employees: Revenue dashboards Health measures taken by the company Reinforcement of the cleaning and disinfection service Specific security installations Projects set up to resist the crisis and prepare for the resumption of activity ...

# 01 - Set up an internal newsletter

More than ever, it is important for a company to maintain communication with your employees who find themselves either unemployed or teleworking. It is important that they are informed as regularly as possible about management strategies in full transparency. The advantages of a newsletter are multiple. It is readable by anyone and even those who do not use social networks, it allows a synthesis of information that focuses on the essential and in a visual way (in the form of graphics, pictograms, photos, drawings).

# 02 - Communicate via social networks

By favoring Facebook or Linkedin, you can create a private group allowing you to disseminate exclusive information dedicated to your employees and also to be able to discuss with them to answer their questions.

# 03 - Communicate via sms

Do not hesitate to send important information to your employees via SMS because some do not have internet access.

Communicate externally with your customers

Like your employees, your customers need to be reassured and supported. Your customers are either businesses that may be in the same situation as you, or individuals. Keep them informed of the situation and of all the actions your company has taken in this Covid-19 crisis, such as: maintaining teleworking activity, possible delays related to their orders, stockouts, special promotions ...

# 04 - Send regular newsletters / e-mailings

By sending a newsletter / e-mailing on a regular basis to your customers, you will maintain the contact and the notoriety of your company so that your customers do not forget you. Disseminate reassuring information but without hiding the real situation from your customers because they are not fooled. If possible, invite your customers to visit your website to maintain traffic on it so that it maintains its natural referencing positions. If your business is still in business, run promotional offers where possible.

# 05 - Increase your rate of dissemination of information on social networks

Keep in mind that most people spend a lot more time on social media during this lockdown, so they're more available to read your information. This is an opportunity for you to increase your level of visibility. Distribute regular and relevant information.

# 06 - Put up a message on your website

Create a news on your website intended to inform your prospects and customers of your news related to this Covid-19 crisis. The ideal is to create an article that clearly explains your organization and the sanitary measures taken.

How to prepare for resumption of activity?

When this pandemic is over, our companies will resume their activities, so they will have to be ready to restart their business normally and also be prepared to face any future crises. Here are some ideas that could be of great interest to your business.

# 07 - Create an online / e-commerce sales site

As we can see, online sales (or e-commerce) companies are generally still doing well thanks to the principle of mail order which is adapted to the current period of confinement. Selling online allows you to expand your market and increase your period of activity as long as the transport services are functioning. Take advantage of this period to think about the creation of an e-commerce site adapted to your market.

# 08 - Improve your visual identity

The branding of your company is an aspect that can have colossal benefits, both positive and negative, on your turnover. Take advantage of a possible lull in your activity to be accompanied by a communication agency that can help you improve your visual identity by working, for example, on the creation of a new professional logo design Melboure, the creation of new business cards, the redesign of your website, the design of your packaging and labels ...

# 09 - Work on the natural referencing of your business

When the economy picks up, you'll need to maximize the sales potential of your business by making it easy for Internet users to find your business on the Internet. Natural referencing takes time to take into account, so it is necessary to anticipate this as soon as possible.

# 10 - Create new marketing tools

You will have to launch or relaunch the marketing of your products and services, for that, here are some ideas of marketing operation that your company can prepare in this period of commercial calm: Create an advertising campaign (promotional offer for a product or service, awareness campaign, etc.) Prepare the modernization of your signage (sign, decoration of your vehicles, signs, kakemonos, etc.) Create or modernize your commercial communication tools (commercial brochure, flyers, catalog, etc.) Create an institutional video in motion design Design or improve your packaging and product labels Provide for the supply of promotional items and work clothes with your logo


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