10 Great Reasons To Choose mTalkz As Your Messaging Partner

We are living in a world where reaching out to the targeted audience or customers has become so easy. With just one click, SMS can be sent to thousands of customers. In today's time, everyone is highly dependent on their phones. On an average, people use their phones 85 times a day. This dependency has opened up various opportunities for businesses. They can reach out to the targeted audience and customers easily and quickly. 

Hence, Bulk SMS service is becoming very popular in this mobile world. This service is being utilised by various industries like health care, food brands, e-commerce, schools, brand marketing, etc. SMS marketing is used by these industries for mass SMS advertising, sending notifications, alerts, reminders, news and all sorts of different messages. It has made the life of people comfortable and also helps to deliver an SMS to a large number of recipients at once.

There are various Bulk SMS service provider in India, but mTalkz is considered the best because of the benefits it provides to the users:

1. Instant Delivery

With 12000 TPS, they have direct connectivity with all the operators in India. Their operators can send the messages with just one click on the tab. Using this technique helps to reduce the mess of sending messages personally one by one to the customers. 

2. No Language Barrier

mTalkz offers a powerful bulk SMS API for all programming languages and software. There is no hindrance created due to language. They offer easy and hassle free services in different languages for different users.

3. Customer support service

The customer support service provided by them is quite efficient. They are 24*7 hours available for their users and respond back quickly if there are any queries from the user or if there is any problem. As the famous quote goes ”Customer is King”, so customer's satisfaction is their first priority hence, offer unmatched customer support.

4. High Delivery Ratio

The SMS delivered by mTalkz is known because they usually report a high delivery ratio. There are hardly any chances that the SMS delivered do not reach the targeted audience. They make sure that there is no hindrance in SMS delivery.

5. International Reach

mTalkz offer International SMS in a matter of seconds. Over 1000 International Connection with deliveries in more than 225 countries helps grow your business in International markets.

6. Low Cost

The services provided by mTalkz are of affordable prices. This helps mTalkz to attract a large share of companies or businesses to buy their services. The price set by them is to tap a large market share at a low cost.

7. User-Friendly Application

mTalkz application is easy to use by everyone. The interface offered by them is user-friendly and straightforward. Using their service does not require additional software installation and has favourable prices to afford their services efficiently.

8. Provide various other services

mTalkz provides a complete suite of services like transactional bulk SMS, Promotional bulk SMS, OTP bulk SMS, voice SMS, IVR solutions, missed call solutions, call forwarding and call masking solutions, email solutions, etc. They help their clients by providing them guidance and effective solutions.

9. Reliable

The services provided by mTalkz are quite reliable as these services can be tracked at real-time access.

10. Best Means of Communication

mTalkz help to scale the business. They send around 70 billion messages in a year. mTalkz even guarantees to increase the businesses' sales pitch with the help of their quick and user-friendly services.

Big companies like Indian Oil, Zee Group, Max Healthcare, ICFAI University etc., use mTalkz’s bulk SMS service to reach a vast targeted audience. New technologies, ideas and innovations have been introduced to expand the business and even make the work of businesses more comfortable. 


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