Singtam - Travel Guide, How to Reach & Destinations

Singtam is a small town located in the East Sikkim district. A bus or jeep from Gangtok and Siliguri can be taken to reach here. Good accommodation facilities are available in Gangtok. The hotels here offer world-class facilities. There is also a government fruit preservation factory in Singtam.

 The first place to come to mind when someone talks about Singtam is the Bermiok Monastery, which was built in 1952. There are many orange trees in the Jongu Valley and its serene and beautiful environment will also mesmerize you.

There is not even a trace of pollution at this place. Earlier it used to be very difficult to come here but now better transport facilities are available here. In olden times, only Oni could come here by Lepcha. Seeing the lush green forests and rivers, the mood of tourists flies with joy. Singtam is 30 km from the state of Sikkim.

The Best Time to Visit Singtam

The Winter season is the best to get a panoramic view of the beautiful hills and valleys, so in Singtam you should come in the winter season. During this time, sunshine also looks good and the sky is also clear. The temperature of Singtam reaches 4 ° C between December and February.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal. However, it is at a distance of 124 km from where flights to Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati are flown. The connection between Helicopter Zari Airport and Gangtok is established. Helicopters have to be taken to reach Gangtok from the airport.

By Rail: Nearby are two railway stations Siliguri (114 km) and New Jalpaiguri (125 km) which are connected to Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati and other important cities of India.

So let's talk about some of the most scenic and beautiful places of Singtam.

The Bermiok Monastery

Located in the south of the village of Bermiok, the Bermiok Monastery a sacred Buddhist temple. The monastery, which was twice damaged by the earthquake, was rebuilt with the help of the government. It attracts maximum tourists from November to May. It is about 45 km from Singtam. Many major festivals are celebrated here.

Jongu Valley Tour

This place is becoming very popular as a tourist place. It is situated in the middle of the Kanchenjunga and Siniolachhu Mountains. The Cardinal rivers Teesta and Tolung flow here. This valley is formed by the rivers originating from the Himalayas which flow rapidly from the glaciers. You can come to this valley through Singtam road, 70 km north of Gangtok. This valley offers amazing hikes for trekking lovers. You can find both easy and moderate level treks like the Ruinsara Tal trek in the state of Uttarakhand.

Teesta River

This river flows in three directions: Karatoya in the east, Purnabhaba in the west and Atrai in the centre. Perhaps that is why it is named 'Teesta' which is derived from the word 'Trisrot' and means 'three streams. Unfortunately, due to the floods in 1787, the flow of this river is no longer the same.

There is white sand at the confluence point of Teesta and Rangit river which is used by the construction industry. You can enjoy rafting in the white water of the Teesta River. One can also enjoy shopping at Teesta Bazaar on the right bank of the river at the junction of the Siliguri-Gangtok National Highway. It deals in local cuisine, lanterns, silver jewellery, crockery and hand made paintings.

The place has become dehydrated due to excessive use of groundwater, but even today it serves as a boon for many farmers, sailors and fishermen. This river is known as 'Pride of Nature'. The Peshoke View Point is also very famous, which is surrounded by evergreen forests and is associated with Rangit at the junction of Teesta. It can be reached in about 4 hours from Singtam via NH 17.

Kittam Bird Sanctuary

At this place, many species of birds will be seen in the lap of nature. Situated in the southern part of Sikkim, more than 2000 species of birds are seen at this place. The colourful butterflies and various species of flora add to the beauty of this sanctuary. The Sal and Chir Pine forests and Rangit River work to enhance the beauty of this place.

If you also like to behold birds, then this place is like heaven on earth for you. Peacock, grey-ground prunia, yellow vented warbler, rufous nested hornbill and chestnut breasted patties can be found here.

You can also enjoy rafting and angling activities in the Rangit River. Tour of the coast between Rangit to Manpur is also very much liked by the tourists. Elli Khat is a paddock where one gets a panoramic view of the mountains. There is a huge crowd of tourists at this place.

The number of species of birds in this sanctuary increases during the winter season. From October onwards, foreign birds also start coming here, so it is best to visit this sanctuary in the winter season. It takes 1 hour 40 minutes to reach here from Singtam village of Sikkim.


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