Places for Scuba Diving in Andaman Island

Prepare to venture off the boat and enter the entrancing submerged biosphere. These scuba diving places in the Andamans will entice you to gather your packs and head out to the islands right away.



Havelock Islands

An excursion to Andaman is considered fragmented without scuba diving at Havelock Island. Havelock beat the rundown of all the places for scuba diving in Andaman. Found very near the capital city of Port Blair, Havelock has the most pursued jumping programs among every one of the islands making it an absolute necessity to visit a place of interest.


1. Barracuda City, Havelock Island


With a rich submerged environment, Barracuda city is perhaps the most captivating yet neglected locale in Andaman. From entrancing coral to bright fishes, this scuba jumping spot in Havelock is really novel.


2. Beacon, Havelock Island


Beacon permits an incredible degree of experience and rush for jumpers as it is particularly known for its evening time ocean plunging. With completely clear waters loaded up with hard and delicate corals, scuba making a plunge into this piece of the island is genuinely a stand-out encounter.


3. Aquarium, Havelock Island


On the off chance that you are new to the entire submerged driving experience, the Aquarium is the best spot for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar. Loaded up with hard corals, its shallow waters make it an ideal spot for fledglings who need to scuba dive into Andaman.


4. Macintosh Point, Havelock Island


Find and swim alongside the capital creature of Andaman, dugongs, while scuba jumping at macintosh point. In any case, alluded to as ocean cows, this spot is one of only a handful few spots in Andaman from where you can appreciate watching this uncommon vertebrate.


5. Temptation Point, Havelock Island


The Temptation point at Havelock island is situated at the middle and has a tremendous submerged stone that is encircled by a heap of lovely sea-going life. From fledgling to middle people, Seduction Point is an extraordinary choice for scuba.


6. Minerva Ledge, Havelock Island


Another uncommon spot for scuba diving, Minerva edge in Havelock islands has a wide fish variety in its rich vegetation. As well as offering a perfect view, this site is normally recommended for experienced scuba jumpers as it were.


B. Neils Island


Dissimilar to the hustle-clamor of the much popular Havelock Island, Neils island is known for being mystically quiet and serene. Small in size yet plentiful in magnificence, this genuinely immaculate island is one of Andaman's scuba jumping areas of interest.


1. Margherita's Mischief, Neils Island


Loaded up with delicate sand, Margherita's naughtiness not normal for its name is probably the calmest spot for a stunning plunging experience. Scuba making a plunge this spot brings to the front probably the most extraordinary marine animals in Andaman and Nicobar islands.


2. K stone, Neils Island


A gigantic volcanic stone fanning out of a sandy ocean bed, K stone in Niel's island is a decent spot for a wide range of jumpers. Dissimilar to the water animals in Havelock, you will see an altogether different assortment of fishes while scuba making a plunge K stone.


C. Port Blair


Being the capital city of Andaman, it is the least demanding and most advantageous spot for scuba diving in Andaman. Despite the fact that they are not as outlandish as different islands, scuba making a plunge Port Blair will bring you near all the appealing marine existence of the islands.


1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Port Blair


Covering a wide region, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park was explicitly developed to ensure the valuable marine life on the island. Encircled by delightful seashores, this park makes for a stunning submerged plunging experience on the off chance that you don't wish to travel excessively far away from the city.


Other Scuba Diving Places In Andaman


1. North Point, Cinque Island


Cinque island is a massively charming and energetic piece of Andaman and Nicobar islands comprising enchanting corals and delightful fish species. It is known for its perfectly clear waters, this is an able spot for any individual who wishes to appreciate nature through Andaman's scuba diving undertakings.


2. Barren Island


As the name proposes, this island is absolutely fruitless and immaculate, which prompts its uniqueness. The island is home to a ton of oceanic animals which makes it a superb site for divers.


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