How Can Tracking App Benefit Employers through Monitoring Traveling Staff?

Business professionals and employees always travel here and there for the attainment of business objectives. A number of employees travel to other counties and cities for promotion, marketing, and sales purposes most commonly.

The traveling of the employees sometimes becomes a challenge for the employer while ensuring the safety, security of employees and ensure the productivity of employees.

It is observed that the behavior of the traveling staff strictly needs to be monitored for the greater good of the business for many reasons. The threats that are posed by excessive movement of the employees are as follows.

Threats to businesses 

The top of the list is occupied by the productivity issues that are produced due to the negligence and careless attitude of the employee towards assignments. This behavior is triggered when an employee thinks that there is no one to supervise and monitor, and they can do whatever they want, which seriously erodes the performance of the business, as the employee performance is the most vital indicator of the business performance.

After the productivity issue, there is another vital concern which is the possibility of cyber-attacks on the official mobile devices that are used by the employees. A number of employees do not pay attention to the security and protection of business devices while roaming around over cyberspace. 

Cyberspace is preoccupied with cybercriminals who always remain in search of ways to get into business devices because business devices are highly likely to have confidential consumer and financial information. This financial information can be easily used to take illegitimate monetary benefits.

There is another side to the story as well. There are a lot of instances where the business professionals and coworkers travel in the form of groups. It is reported that a number of female workers traveling with male workers for business purposes have reported sexual harassment. 

This is a serious point of concern for all employers because if the same instance gets public attention, the business can lose credibility and growth as well.

So, for the above-mentioned reasons, the business owners looking to monitor their traveling employees in order to get a true picture of all of their activities, so that business can be protected from all the potential harms and threats. 

The solution for employers

The experts suggest that business owners should use an employer monitoring application that can record and track each and every bit of communication taking place on and around the employee phone. 

There are multiple services that claim to furnish such service but many of them do not offer any real deal. The best employee monitoring application suggested by the experts is OgyMogy.

The employee monitoring app can be used to spy on the Android and iPhone devices of employees. The employer only needs to buy a license for application usage and install the app on the target device, and they are all set to spy on their traveling employees. 

Productive and unproductive tabs

The spy app allows the employer to assign productive and unproductive tabs for the employees. The employee monitoring app then generates a log of all the activities and time periods spent while using such tabs.

In this way, the employer will be able to log all the activities of the employees while traveling and can ensure business performance.

Website blocking negates cyber threats

The website blocking feature of the employee monitoring app allows the employer to block a number of websites that are considered as unsafe. The websites having the possibility of the presence of cybercriminals can be blocked straight away.

Once blocked, the respective websites will not be available for access by the target employee, unless they are removed from the blocked list.

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Surround recording helps restricting harassment

Sexual harassment can be negated by using this very feature of the employee monitoring app. The app bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone and presents vital insights of happenings around the employee. 

The app records sounds and visuals as well.


The best employee monitoring application for traveling staff is OgyMogy. It is available for android and iPhone devices as well. The app serves all the needs of the employers by all means.


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