Best books for Traveling

 My hotel room was on the 10th floor. I saw the sunset, from my window. It was beautiful. I enjoyed that moment. My cupboard was filled with books.

Whenever I got free time, I began to read books. It was fun. 

 So I am sharing those titles with you:


Shantaram Written By Gregory David Roberts

 A criminal called Lin escapes the Australian Jail. He travels to India. Here he gets involves and joins other gangs. 

 His guide Prabakar introduces him to his other friends, who are Canadian. LIn also meets Karla, and both fall in love. Parker also takes Lin, to the poor areas of Bombay city.

 He discovers that it is a place, for buying and selling slaves. He also soon, gets to know, that this place is also a market for selling drugs.

 Prabaker also takes him to his town Sunder. Here he gets an opportunity to relax, so people refer to him as “Shantaram”, which means in Hindi” peaceful man.

They both drink heavily. Some people steal their cash. They didn’t notice it. Later Prabakar provides him a place to stay.

 A fire breaks out in his neighborhood. Lin provides, first aid to them. Soon his home becomes a clinic. Lots of people visit him for treatment.

 Karla visits him, she requests him to rescue her friend from Lisa. He goes there as an American Consulate representative. She is freed. 

 Lin meets more gangs, where he travels around India. He is also arrested by the local police. His gang helps him, to get out of jail. His guide is also killed, several of his gang members are also killed.

 He also travels to Afghanistan through Pakistan. Lin fights against the Russian Army.

He then leaves for Srilanka. Lin meets Karla, but the climax is like romance novels. Lin breaks off with her. It’s a tragedy.


Land of Big Numbers Written By Te-Ping Chen

 She is a journalist turned author. She describes different stories about China. The country is home to different cultures, headed by a communist party.

 The book also talks about the history, it also discusses the horrific lives. For example, the author shares the story of a lady, who has got a new job in the city, She travels there with her former boyfriend, who treats her badly.

 The second story is about a man, who is tempted to invest, in the stock market. The market is volatile. There is also a huge risk involved.

Te-Ping also reports about many people, who are stuck at the underground railway station. They are waiting, for the government’s approval, to make the next move.

 The book sheds light on the people, who are passionate about, chasing their dreams, on the underhand, the government is trying to take control of them. It also talks about the dominance of the ruling party on its citizens.

 Common individuals are struggling with their day-to-day lives. They are going through the hardships of poverty. The outside world is not allowed, to get such detailed insights. The governments have restricted the flow of information, on media and the internet.


 Klara and the Sun by Written By Kazuo Ishiguro

 The main plot of the novel is revolving around a robot called Klarie. A young girl called Josie buys her from the shop. The good thing about the robot is that it is powered by solar energy.

The parents of Jasie, are waiting for her daughter, to die, so that, they can replace her with it. 


 Klaire, always talks to the sun, for the healing of Jaise. The author also introduces, Josie’s friend Rick, who is not that much rich. There are also other friends of Jaise, they look down on him, he feels inferior.

 Josie gets better over the years, she starts to go to college. His friend Rick is separated. At the end of the story, Karlie is retired, it is placed in the old back yard, where other things are there.

 I was surprised and sad about the sacrifice, which Klarie gave, in the novel. Most stories reveal the opposite. It also describes the companionship of an artificial machine.

It obeys her master. 

 I was also moved, by the selfish motive of Josie’s parents. Fortunately, they didn’t succeed. 

 The book is an eye-opener, for those who only focus on negative aspects of technology. They fail to realize that, machines are made to ease the lives of humans. It doesn’t have any evil thoughts for its masters. The author has given this message in the novel.


 Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh

 The book’s main topic of discussion is to analyze the quick growth of different companies. Both Reid and Chris have surveyed many companies in silicon valley.

They discover that these companies gave preference to fast growth over efficiency.

This strategy is described in details:

  • Design

 Most of the companies, even before its incorporation, came up, with a creative business model, that can accelerate the company’s growth.

  • Implementation

 This model becomes reality. It also promotes a way in which, the company’s resources are used aggressively. The main emphasis is given to current assets like cash etc.

  • Hiring talent

 They hire such individuals, who have talents to take the company, to achieve huge success in a short period. This is not easy to achieve. They will have to face, new challenges, now and then.

 They have to maintain their energy levels, embrace, quick changes, making decisions, which are full of uncertainties. The big step is to accept its output.

 Although it was written on internet giants, yet they are relevant, to other sectors of the economy as well. They can also learn lessons, and achieve that same success in less time.

 It differentiates, from other best books for starting your own business category, where the authors, emphasize patience and acceptance the failures.



 It was time to see the sunrise, from my window. The new day was full of hopes, and yet another opportunity to explore the next tourist spot, which was for many months on my buck list.

I just took shower, changed my dress, headed to the reception, where my guide was waiting. Within half an hour, we were enjoying the beach and the cold breeze.


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