10 Things That Are Possible Only In Dubai

Dubai is among the top-ranking cities of the richest people in the world. This makes it a plethora of luxury and indulgence. Being the world’s most attracted goal by tourists, Dubai has a divergent nature of luxuries and assets of its own. From getting picked up in the most unique vehicles ever to hopping over the camel’s hump on the dune of Arabia, you’ll conclude that it’s the incomparable city all over the globe in terms of synthetic evolution as well as natural resources.

If you want to try out a hell of a ride in this limited life span, follow the list of 10 admirably distinctive features of this royal-blend city which nowhere exist on earth.

The Only Possible Things in Dubai

1. Gold Concealed Desert Safari 

Dubai has a wonderful asset of nature in the form of an amazing Desert that not every place is rewarded with. The city has made the most of it on a top-notch level that travellers, as well as locals, keep a bizarre attachment with this place. Desert safari Dubai allows you to indulge in several activities like quad biking, camel riding, dune bashing, cultural dance shows, sandboarding, staying in Bedouin-style camps, discovering diverse wildlife, and bewitching landscapes which people can never resist clicking. Feel the real bliss of being in the UAE by visiting its precious desert which no other state keeps.

2. Free Falling at Palm Jumeirah

Inhale the magic and feel it running through your bloodstream while free falling with breathtaking views of the magnificent Palm Jumeirah Island. Whether you dive down through a rented private plane, hire a gyrocopter, or tandem, an exotic skydive covering the whole city in a wide frame is an incredible experience you can never have anywhere else around the globe.

The skydive allows you to enjoy stunning visuals while floating in the air over the stupendous palm-shaped manmade Island.

3. Cubs and Cheetah as Pets

Dubai is a state where it is legally allowed to keep cheetahs as pets. The Arabs take their pets alongside the passenger seat & it’s a common practice that amazes outsiders. The UAE zoo has fascinating wild pets which you can visit anytime. Even the richest of the population here ride over their pet lions.

4. Camel Race with Bots

Have you seen a camel race ever? The iconic Robot camel race is not unfamiliar to many. Bots hop on camels hump and the crowd comes to witness this race. People even bet on them. This is one of the topmost celebrated traditions followed in UAE. Robots are operated by a walkie-talkie over the running camels thereby receiving the owner’s guidelines during the run.

5. World’s Fastest Police Cars On a Roll

Always admired sports cars? Now behold the game of police cars here in Dubai setting the cops on fire. Here the cops chase big fishes in style! The police cars are the world’s most expensive ones here. These include Ferrari FF. Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Chevrolet, and Bugatti Veyron that is worth 4 million dollars. Not just the architecture is impressive here but the siring vehicles leave the visitors in awe. Dubai holds the Guinness record for keeping the world’s speediest police vehicles. 

6. The most Unique Tennis Court Ever

Here in the Gulf city, witnessing a tennis match at a threshold of the highest spirits in the great Burj Al Arab tennis court would’ve been a real buzz back in 2005 when Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played tennis here. A thousand feet high green deck of the hotel hosts you standing still as an airdrome when there are no such activities like sports. 

7. Luxurious Shopping Along with Aquatic Life

The Dubai Mall keeps another jaw-dropping architecture imbued with a diversity of marine species where artificial mermaids wave at you when you are wandering around the mall.

Set with a habitat of over 300 species, the grand aquarium features the underwater world watching your steps! It also grants swimming among marine creatures such as sharks, and rays. You can also rest in luxurious suits surrounded by marine life. Spend your whole day observing the enormous creatures around you yet you’ll want more.

8. Skiing in an Indoor Resort

Have a mesmerizing experience of skiing in a scorched region of the Middle East. Dubai has the largest indoor skiing resort in the world where you can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, penguins show, tobogganing, and camping. It’s unbelievable to live a frosty fantasy in a parched place like Dubai, right? It remains open throughout the year & located in the Emirates Mall, where snow is spread over 22500 square meters of area. The city didn’t back out here as well and made a spectacular move out of snow!

9. The Dancing Fountain

In the heart of Burj Khalifa, the world’s greatest dancing fountain shakes over hundreds of Arabian and worldly beats. Its splashes 22000 gallons every night while illuminating 6600 lights. 

A play of water and lights with the framework of harmonious music by which the fountain dances to greet its guests. You won’t be able to resist yourself but shake along with this 900ft long compulsive fountain.

10. Payment in Gold

Some of the restaurants and stores of Dubai are the only ones in the world that accept payment in gold. Gold withdrawal from a gold-plated vending machine can only be found in the Dubai Mall. The ATM gives 24k gold from coins, bars, or jewellery hands-on to set good accessibility of gold. The machine is incorporated as a luxurious means and is dissipated twice weekly, guess how frequently the vending machines would’ve been used!

Did This Sound Appealing?

Dubai has its recognition not only as of the city of gold but in a massive number of aspects whether we count its manmade or natural resources. It has brought to reality the modernism people fantasize, ahead of a long time than the entire world. The earlier listings are just the most top-rated ones. The city has a lot more to explore and cherish for life. It has plenty of it all!





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