Is the setek extender device perfect for extending the network coverage?

Are you frustrated by not getting proper network coverage in your house/offices. In actuality we must use Wi-Fi routers for a high speed internet connection. But a Router is not capable of providing the full network range in your whole building if you are leaving in a big apartment or building, So in this case what can we do? You can choose the setek extender device to extend the network coverage. There are lots of extenders available in the online shopping market, But which one is the best, So setek extender device is one of the best to boost the signal and cover all the dead zones in your house. If your router is placed in the middle room and your room is on the 2nd floor then your main router is unable to provide full access range and reliable connection, So a Extender can solve your problem perfectly.

So today we are going to discuss setek wifi extender setup instructions. Because it’s quite difficult to set up an extender for beginners. You can easily complete your setek wifi extender setup by following steps.

 Setek extender device instructions 

The Setek extender device is one of the best devices. It will come with many advanced features like, dual band, 2 attached antennas and many more. The setup process is also too easy but it involves many steps so here are some simple methods that can be helpful during setting up.
Before proceeding with the setup process you can easily do it by using a WPS button or via online web browser. 

Things that need during setup

 SSID or (network name) and password 

Before the setup process you need to take a paper or pen. And search for the SSID or network name and password. Which is available on the back side of your setek extender device, Search it and note in paper for later use. 

Mobile device or any desktop/laptop

Before setup you need a mobile device, or any desktop/laptop. To connect with your setek extender. And access the login portal of your extender. Devices will be used to enter the admin portal. After login you can easily modify settings and setup your extender.

IP Address of your router

You must remember the IP address of your extender, That is been used to access the login portal of your extender. After connecting with the Setek extender device wirelessly or wired, IP is used as a web address to access the login portal.
Mobile device.

Setek extender device setup

The setup process is done via 2 ways I already mentioned.


By using a WPS method it's too easy and secure just need to plug your extender in the nearest electric point of your router and power it on. Now switch on the WPS button of your extender and do the same with your router. After that, wait for a while. Your extender will automatically paired with the extender and start working. (Be sure that the WPS button of the extender or router will be pressed within 2 minutes otherwise connection will not be established.

Online web browsing -

In this method you need to ubox your extender and bring near to the router and power it “ON” LED light will start flashing, Now take any phone/pc/laptop and connect it with your setek extender device Wi-Fi network, After connecting it may show no internet access. Now you need to open any web browser on the same device in which you are connected, In URL box type ap.setup or and search it, You will redirect on the web login page, Here you need to enter your credentials. The default username and password is “ADMIN” after then proceed to login,

On the admin panel click on advanced and then network. Here select your router and connect with it, by checking all the details properly. In this way you can easily setup your setek extender device and enjoy full range coverage.


Setek range extender is the best. Can cover the range area up to 2500m. The setup process is also too easy. If you are looking for an extender then according to me setek extender device is properly suitable for your home use. The price is also too affordable. A middle class person can also buy this device. That type of deal at an affordable price is not so bad. In this extender you will get lots of advanced features.

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