Individuals and Businesses Need to be Wary of Conmen Trying to Defraud them

On 8th April 2021, Fortune reported that over 500 million LinkedIn accounts were compromised as their privacy was violated. Virtually all the data of these 500 million customers are from hackers, and anyone in contact with them can get access to it. This is the second major security breach within one week, as similar news about Facebook surfaced last week.

The data theft includes user IDs, names, email addresses, and their vital information. This theft will have more severe consequences than the Facebook theft as the information includes lots of work-related data, including sensitive information like salary, appraisals, and bonuses. One can imagine how this can impact many individuals, and the data of companies and big businesses are also available in the open.

After some time, the clarification came from Microsoft, LinkedIn’s parent company, that the impact is not that severe. According to the latest developments, the data stolen is an aggregation from different websites and companies, rather than LinkedIn alone. This is a sigh of relief for all the stakeholders in this incident, but still, the threat is real, and in the future, it can have serious consequences for everyone involved.

Online Security and the Use of Server Hosting 

The debate about online privacy and the security of data is heating up with each passing day. For a layman, these incidents make a mockery of all the arrangements done by businesses around the world. For an average person, this will give him the impression that hackers and anyone involved in fraudulent activities have more power and can bypass the most sophisticated security systems. Of course, this is not the case, but you cannot stop the general perception of a common person who does not know aspects and factors related to this topic inside out. 

So, exactly what small businesses and startups need to think about this aspect? And what can be done as a proactive measure to guard against these attacks? Read on to discuss these factors in detail.

Guarding Against Online Theft

Online theft is not limited to something that is mentioned above. Even individuals are at the risk of online fraud, which can include phishing and other numerous ways. Your sensitive data can be compromised through fishing as people looking to defraud you act as someone very credible. For example, you will get an email from a bank asking for details about your account and other sensitive information. As the email will come from the bank, you know, many people provide the information as required, and only after that do they come to know that it was a phishing scheme.

So, how can individuals, and especially small businesses, guard against such emails and fraudulent activities? Email filtering is one option, but these scammers are very intelligent, and they will bypass this very easily. That is why your hosting must be immaculate so that you can guard your sensitive data against such evil services. But one of the easiest ways to guard against it is to ignore such messages. 

Banks and other financial Institutions repeatedly offer this information to us that keep looking at these types of emails and messages. These messages' common theme is to offer get-rich-quick schemes by asking for your Credit/Debit card information which normally no bank would ask for. So, with a little common sense, you can guard against such activities pretty easily.

There are many types of hosting services available, and most of the companies look for cheap dedicated server hosting so that it does not hurt them much. Surely, they have good reasons for it because they cannot allocate much for this aspect of their business. Even for the startups, it can be crucial for their survival upfront. 

Let me offer you some information about the usual way people get conned and what can be done in this concern. 

What Conmen do to Lure them Towards their Trap?

Email spoofing and text messaging are the two most common and easiest ways for scammers to reach their goals. When you go for any shared server, there are chances that you will not get the security you need and this regard. And that's why dedicated support is required so that everything can fall into place. The type of server businesses will be instrumental in their eventual success and how they will cope with such challenges. 

Massive online theft like the one mentioned at the start of this blog was once thought to be just a one-off in several years. Now, two back-to-back setbacks for technological giants like report Facebook hack and LinkedIn have panicked most companies, and individuals and small businesses are scampering for how to safeguard their interests. The use of servers in which much support is given is the way to go, but still, businesses Fall into the trap and end up with huge losses. 

What to Expect in the Near Future?

Phishing attacks will happen in the future, too, as these are amongst the most profitable types of scams around the world. With little investment and exploiting a common person or company’s lust for quick money, this is the perfect recipe for people with malicious plots to fool their victims. Disguising as a legitimate business How such individuals or companies start with and after getting the person's confidence at the other end, they weave the plot just like a spider gets its prey. 

Even in the distant future, I still see one way or the other so that people will still fall for such traps. Like it is always advised not to put all your eggs in one basket, and when dealing with the stock market and forex trading, greed is the basis for all such activities. If you play it safe, you will never get conned by such activities. 

Over to you 

There are several factors and aspects that any business or individuals must think of to avoid such situations in the future. If you think you can add your bit here to make this blog even more interesting or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome to speak up.

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.



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