Educate Your Children with Fun and Creative Activities

Schools and tuitions are not the only places where your children can learn. At home, you are the teacher of your children. Not all lessons are learned by the classroom theory. You can educate your children with several creative activities with fun and joy. Most of the kids are feeling disgusting by books so why you can’t tell stories or play some learning games with them and see the happiness on your child’s face.

1. Play any kind of learning games:

Learning games are the best way to teach your children. There are so many games but most of the children enjoy fun dice games and it is also developing your child’s knowledge, builds strategic thinking. For your preschooler child’s you can teach them colors, numbers, animals, and shapes. If your child is 7years old or more you can teach them history, math such as adding and multiplying, world history, world government, and so on.

2. Teach basics of phonics:

Teaching your children to read is not a simple thing if you do then you achieve a wonderful accomplishment for yourself. Learning the basics of phonics, spellings, and reading readiness is not as simple as you think. If you sit on a chair and repeated the words, your child is not responding. So do some activities that make learning phonics easy and adventurous. You can play with your kids with such certain sounds or make an alphabet book.

3. Writing practice:

Writing is that skill that will be useful throughout life. You can teach them writing with the help of paper and pencil. You make it more interesting by playing or connecting dots on paper or on the floor by shaving cream.

If your children are preschoolers help them to learn the letters and motion of alphabets.

4. Colors identification:

Kids are always excited to learn colors. So you can easily teach those colors and counting. You can use coloring pom-poms so your children can learn counting, name of colors, sorting, and also develop their motor skills.

5. Enlarge counting skills:

Teaching counting seems an easy process but reciting the numbers in actual order is not an easy process. Play some physical games to teach counting. You can also use your hands and help your children to learn better. For kids who have some knowledge about counting, you can teach them addition or counting more.

6. Math skills:

Math is an easy subject because it is very easy to teach and all the math problems are around us. For preschoolers it’s all about counting, adding, and multiplying. So can teach them with several math games such as abacas and cookies.  You can also use your hand or finger or any kind of accessories to teach your child addition.

7. Teach them with music:

Music is one of the loveable ways to teach your children. They always prefer rhymes or music lyrics instead of reading. Such you want to teach them names of months. You can use the rhymes “30 days have September, April, June, and November……..” instead of the thoroughly reading month’s name.

8. Plant your own garden:

Garden is the way to teach your children about nutrients, patience, and science. When you plant a seed and waiting for the growth, your child will learn how a plant is growing.  They will also learn about nutrition and also get excited to eat the vegetables they are grown.

9. Science experiments:

Who says for learning science experiments you always need a chemistry lab? It can be done at your home. Use coca-cola and add some mints to see the experiments how it’s going.


Kids always prefer playing games over learning. So why not you teach them with help of these activities.


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