5 Failsafe Ways to Secure Your Home Network

So, do you own a smart home? That’s good! But is it secured? Think about it! With the advancement in technology, homes are getting smarter that means you need to be smarter too. Though smart home gadgets are the epitome of convenience but this convenience can cost you. The more networking gadgets you own, the more vulnerable your home network security can be (if you don't secure them).

Fortunately, there are some things that you consider to secure your home network. Here, in this write-up, we will provide you with 5 failsafe ways to manage and secure your home. Let's get the ball rolling!

Home Network Security Tips

Buy a Netgear Extender

So, you have a router, right? That’s awesome! Have you secured it? Some ISPs provide you routers without even asking your preference. As a result, routers alone are not enough to get fast WiFi connection in every corner of your home.

Netgear provides you smart WiFi range extenders with outstanding performance and advance security.

After buying a Netgear extender, make sure to update its firmware on a regular basis. Simply have access to the mywifiext.net setup page and follow the on-screen instructions to perform Netgear extender firmware update process without failure.

Change Your Netgear Extender Password

Once you give your home WiFi a gift of Netgear extender, ensure to change its login password. The default login details are easy to crack for intruders.

To change the password of your Netgear extender, access the mywifiext login page and follow the on-screen instructions.

In the event that you face issues while changing the default Netgear extender login credentials, feel free to contact our competent experts.

Change Your Extender’s WiFi Network Name

Similar to changing the default Netgear extender login password, keep in mind to change its SSID (network name) as well. This can also be helpful to secure your home network.

Pro Tip: After connecting all networking devices in your home to the default extender’s SSID i.e. Netgear_ext or your personalized one, we suggest you hide it. Doing so will not let anyone have access over your home network. This will secure your home network, bandwidth, and your personal data.

Change the WiFi Channel

If your Netgear extender is operating on the default or congested channel, then also it would be an open doors for hackers. So, to improve your extender’s performance and to secure it, we suggest you change its channel right away. Changing the extender’s channel might not be a piece of cake for a newbie. So, for this, contacting us would be a wise decision. Our all-rounder experts will help you in any manner to secure your home and your Netgear extender.

Update Your Devices

Last but not the least! Make sure to update all your networking devices. Your devices including router, modem, access point, PC, laptop, and mobile devices needs to be updated regularly. Keeping all your devices up-to-date will make them more secure than expected. We also suggest you to update all the installed apps as well.

We hope that all the above-mentioned things to secure your home network have worked for you.

A Tip of Benefit: Before ending the article, we would like to give you a tip of benefit. To access the extender’s settings or to set it up, you can also use if the web address mywifiext.net is not working for you.


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