Make me feel happy one DAY AT WORK

Editors Note: This is NOT a slam bam type of story.

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Thanks to Olivedabove for her assistance in editing this story and for you ideas to make it better.

All Characters in this story are over 18 years of age.

It was a beautiful day in late June, which can be unpredictable. This time of year can be rainy, cool, pleasant, or just plain hot. Today was beautiful; the sky: clear and blue, with few clouds. Right now was pleasant; but at nine in the morning being eighty degrees, one knows that it is going to be a hot one. I drove to work with all of the windows of my SUV rolled down, singing along to the radio, and anticipating a lighter workload for a couple of months as things wind down from about now until August. I think I even caught a whiff of lilacs in bloom.

I work in an office with three other employees -- Sophia, Samantha (we call her Sam) and the other field operative, Terry. Terry is the newest to the group while I have been with the company the longest at five years. Sophia the office manager and Sam who pulls double duty as bookkeeper and IT Support, have been with us for about three years. The four of us have dealt with many crises, making us a tight knit team. We are good at what we do and decompress by joking around and playing pranks on one another.

As I pulled into the parking lot I immediately knew something was amiss. The parking lot is in the back of the building away from the street. Both back doors were propped open, which wasn't normal. It's a two-story office building: we have the second floor, and another organization has the first. The office is actually in a residential neighborhood, the location was once that of a neighborhood grocery.

My first thought about the doors was attempting to figure out the joke. This one might be pretty complex as it even involved the office downstairs.

I parked my car and warily headed in. I usually take the back outside stairs, as my office door is situated at the top of those stairs.

When I arrived at my door, I heard Terry's footsteps. He strode down the hall toward me, and before I could ask he said, "The air conditioning is out. The repairman has been called but there is no estimate as to his arrival, or the problem. I'm gathering my stuff and going to work from home." He then said rather loudly, "I think Sam sabotaged that AC so she could go home."

We both heard a distant voice say, "I did not!"

He smiled and disappeared into his office.

Terry is about ten years younger than me but he has a great understanding of our work. He is married with two kids at home. His wife is a teacher so he takes advantage of our slow season.

Instead of heading into my office, I decided to walk down the hall further and stuck my head into Sam's office. "Good morning. I hear we have a problem."

Samantha is a thinker. She is a computer genius and on the quiet side most of the time but she can be a pistol once you get to know her. She is taller than my five foot ten inches and doesn't let anyone push her anywhere she is not willing to go. I have seen more than one client get put in their place when making assumptions about her long blond hair and rather large breasts.

Sam looked up. "Hi Rob. Yes, Sophia has called the repairman but it doesn't look as if the AC will be fixed until late this afternoon." More loudly, "The first words out of Terry's mouth when we discovered the problem was, I guess we have to go home. If anyone broke it, I say it was Terry! " In a lower tone she continued, "Terry and I are both going home to work from there. I'm not sure about Sophia's plans."

I said, "Okay, have a fun day and stay cool." I walked a little further up the hall to reception, where Sophia did double-duty, running the office and serving as receptionist to any walk-ins. Sophia is the organized person in the group. The rest of us would be running around bumping into each other if we didn't have Sophia. Her back was to me, and she was on her computer. "Good Morning beautiful, what's up?"

She turned and said, "Good morning, Rob. I'm sure you have already heard what's up." Her smile was ever-present and her outfit as always very professional but the damp bangs of her light brunette hair were an indication that she was feeling the heat.

I had fallen in love with Sophia the moment I'd met her at her interview for the position. It was probably more appropriately called lust. Her smile, her bubbly personality, and ... her chest. Her breasts weren't overly large. Maybe the size of nice ripe apples but placed on her diminutive stature, they appeared prominent.

"What's the temperature in here?" I asked.

"Well the last time I checked it was over 100 degrees and I'm melting."

"So are you going home too?"

"I don't know, I was going to ask you about your plans . There isn't a great deal of my job that I can do from home but this heat is really getting to me."

I could smell her perfume from five feet away. She must be hot.

"My workload for the day isn't large but I do have this one document that must be done today and sent out. There are too many references here that I need . I'll stay and work on it here.

I'll keep the doors and windows open, at least those that open. I'll need your help with this thing but you could go home and I could call you once I send the document to you. You could work your magic and send it back.

"Sounds like a plan. There are a couple of things I want to get done here first; then I'll go home and wait for your call."

"Great," I said, and paused to continue to take in her aura then headed to my office.

My office's being closest to the back stairs, made it a bit cooler. As I entered I noticed a slight breeze so that will help. The only window I could open was a very small one to the side of the large window that took up most of one of that office's walls. I turned on my computer, loosened the collar of my shirt and began to gather the references I needed.

I could hear Terry scuffling around, packing his laptop and files. He called to me as he left, "Think of me Rob. I'll be home drinking a cold beer as I work, while you are here in this tropical heat."

"Will it be hoppy or malty?"

"It will be a black lager, nobody with any taste will drink that hoppy shit!"

I smiled. In my mind I had to agree with him.

After about an hour, I noticed the office had gone quiet. I remember hearing Sam leave but realized that I haven't heard Sophia leave.

I got up to stretch my legs and see if I could round up a cup of coffee. My clothes were sticking to me as I moved. I walked up the hall to the front and found Sophia still at her desk, her outfit a little worse for wear. She had taken off the jacket that was part of her outfit and the white blouse that was under the jacket was showing more than I'm sure was her intent. Where the material touched her skin the cloth had become see through. It appeared that she had on a pretty lacy bra as part of her ensemble. I said, "Why are you still here?"

"I'm almost ready to leave. I just spoke with the repairman and he should be here in a minute. Once he gets here, I'll leave."

Ever since Sophia had joined our team there had been a sexual tension between us. I think we both recognized it and the result was that we would often joke around with the jokes pushing the line of appropriate office conversation. Without much thought I said, "I'm sure the repairman will be most happy to be greeted by you in that outfit."

She smiled and said, "So you like my outfit?" while turning and standing up giving me the frontal view. I couldn't stop my eyes from dropping to her breasts. I could see the darker area of her breasts as a contrast to the rest of her. I could feel the smile on my face grow along with another part of my body. As I stared she must have realized something and looked down.

She said, "Oh, I see what you mean." She didn't turn away or attempt to cover her breasts, but her nipples announced themselves becoming very obvious. "I should probably wear my jacket when he comes."

"Yes that would probably be a good idea. He might steal you away from us if you don't." It was very difficult but I pulled my eyes away from her chest and looked into her eyes. I could feel my heart speed up as I looked into those beautiful eyes that seemed to smile all by themselves.

"Why Rob, would you miss me?"

I smiled and said, "I don't know, you can be a real pain in the ass sometimes." I stood there waiting for her come back. She just looked at me and smiled in a way that included a mischievous grin. I had a hard time pulling my eyes away from the view but knew I had to. As I began walking away I said, "Please let me know when you're leaving and anything I should know about the repairs."

As I walked back to my office I passed Sam's door. It had a sign, "Gone to Hell, It's cooler there!"

Approximately 15 minutes later Sophia stopped by my office. She had her jacket on but not buttoned. She said, "The repairman is here and on the roof. I told him to fix it but if there is a problem I gave him my cell number. I also locked the front door and put up a sign saying we are closed due to loss of AC. I'm leaving now."

I said, "I'm leaving for an early lunch and to change clothes. I'll return to finish up and call when I have sent the document to you. Meanwhile behave yourself"

She said, "Are you the kettle or the pot in this scenario? See you later."

I laughed and thought about how much I would love to wrap her in my arms.

I worked another thirty minutes then left, locking the back door behind me. I headed home and the first thing I did was to get out of my work clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I had leftovers for lunch and read the paper while I ate. I also spent some time recalling the vision Sophia gave me this morning. I headed back to the office to finish up my work, hoping the AC would be fixed when I arrived.

The first thing I noticed was the repairman's truck in the parking lot. The repairman was sitting by his truck having lunch. I went over, "Hi, I'm Rob Warner, I work in this building. How are things going?"

He took my offered hand and said, "Hi, Ben Spencer. I have isolated the problem to the compressor motor. I expect someone from my shop to be dropping off the replacement any time. Once here, it shouldn't be too long before we are up and running."

"Thanks and enjoy your lunch."

I climbed the stairs to the back door and unlocked it. The heat hit me in the face when I opened the door. I left the door open and went to find a fan. I set the fan to blow air out the door, hoping the cooler air would come in my open window. I booted up my computer thinking about the document and trying to remember the strategy I was using this morning. I heard noises, thinking it was the repairman but soon realized that they were coming from inside the office.

I walked down the hall toward the noise and Sophia's office. I realized that it was Sophia working in her office. She was looking over a file drawer sorting through files. I also saw that she had changed her clothes as well. She was now wearing what I assumed would be called a sundress. It was bright yellow and loose on her. As I moved up the hallway my view of her changed. The angle and the way she was standing and leaning over the file drawer was giving me a great view of her right breast, free and swinging. My heart sped up.

That breast was high and round and the nipple was taut. Her breast was beautiful. It looked soft and creamy and oh so edible. The angle she was providing to me blocked my view of her left breast but did provide me with a view that reached almost to her lower abdomen along with the impression that she might not have any panties on. "Oh, it was probably a thong."

My erection grew and when I looked it had become obvious in my shorts. With much reluctance I backed away from the gorgeous view. After spending some time in my office to adjust my shorts and to allow my erection to relax. As I took a deep breath I thought I should acknowledge Sophia's presence. I stood up from my desk and headed toward the hallway. Upon turning the corner and entering the hall my earlier question was answered. Sophia was still at the filing cabinets, this time with her back to me but she was also on her hands and knees. Her sundress was short and it was clear that she didn't have on any panties or a thong. I had to swallow hard.

I returned to my office and again had to adjust my shorts. I sat behind my desk for a time allowing my heart to slow down. My mind was in great turmoil. What was going on? Did she know I was watching her? Was she sending me a message? How was I going to move forward? My body was saying, "Go get her!" while my mind was saying, "That sounds like a great way to lose a friend." I sat at my desk with my head in my hands and zoned out. Suddenly I had a plan. I picked up the phone and called our number. When Sophia answered I said, "So what are you doing at work? I thought you went home, don't you know it is hot in here!!!

She replied, "You mean you are here in the office?"

I said, "Yes, I'm in my office. I thought I was here by myself until I heard you moving around . What's up???"

"Well, I did go home. When there I changed clothes into something cooler, then I made some lunch. While I eat I thought about you working here by yourself and thought it would be only fair if I came back to help. I know how limited you are in solving problems on your own. I thought that by being here I could speed the work so that you could leave earlier and get out of this heat."

I replied, "Well Thank you, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. What do you mean I can't solve problems on my own?"

She laughed, "You have difficulty picking up on subtleties sometimes."

I shrugged that off and said, " I think I'm almost ready to send you the first draft. I'll let you know when it is ready. Bye!"



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