Latest Fashion Trends in Wedding Lehengas

Do you love buying outfits that match the latest trends? Do you keep up with the fashion trends of the year and your cousins and friends come to you for advice? To make things easier, we have the trending wedding Indian lehenga designs of this year.

A Pretty Pastel Colour Palette

While we talk about the trendy colours of 2021, we can see a drastic change in the popularity of colour palettes for lehengas. The classic and traditional lehenga colours like red, pink, maroon, orange, blue, and so on have taken a backseat and lighter, pastel hues have all the limelight. Pastel shades like dusky pink, peach, baby pink, powder blue, pale yellow etc., are trending as lehengas colours more at present.

Brides in 2021 are also looking for the pastel-coloured Indian wedding dresses, and other off-beat colours like steel grey, electric blue, white for their weddings, and giving the regular bridal colours of red and maroon, a miss.

Indian wedding dresses

Go for Gold-Themed Palettes

Pastel hues are not the only thing that has become so popular. Shades of gold, silver, beige or champagne are making their presence felt. Golden hues aren’t just limited to the embellishments or embroideries. Fully golden lehengas or white and gold lehengas are preferred by the stylish ladies of today.

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Artistic Patterns All the Way

India talks of heritage, culture, colours and practices. What if some of India’s specialties are replicated on the Lehengas themselves? The prints inspired by rituals, paintings, murals and ethnic art forms are often seen on Indian dresses. They can be digitally printed on the designer lehengas, or the designs can be handwoven all through the lehengas.

Indian dresses

Delicate Floral Patterns

Floral patterns can literally never go out of fashion. If you have missed out on buying ethnic dresses with floral prints or patterns, give it a try this time. It will surely be going to win your heart.

Indian ethnic wear

Flaunt Those Extra-Long Sleeves

Beyond those half-sleeves, full sleeves, and sleeveless cholis for lehengas, this is the year of extra long sleeves. With the plain fabric and minimal embellishments, you can be the showstopper.

Lehengas with Ruffles

While ruffled sarees have been popular for the last few years, the trend has now shifted to lehengas too. You can find ruffled lehengas, ruffled cholis, ruffled dupattas, or a mix and match of all of these. This design gives a sassy, modern look but you may not opt it if you want a very traditional look. This is a great choice for cocktail parties.

Indian lehenga

Look for Ombre Tones

Along with the trend of pastel shades, another new addition to the list is ombre tones that combines pastels and dark shades. It combines the best of both the colours, and offers an understated, elegant look. Look for less or no embellishment styles, so that the focus is on the transition, making it a classy choice.

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Stand Out with Off-Shoulder Sleeves

A lot of fashion trends in 2021 are focusing on the sleeves. Long sleeves, pouffy sleeves, glass sleeves, and strapless are all trends that we have been seeing. One of the newest trends is off-the-shoulder sleeves or cold shoulders. This adds a touch of modern styling to this traditional look. Great for wedding receptions or parties, such styles are a great way to make a statement. Put some little highlighter on your shoulder and show those off gladly.

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Go for Kurta Style Lehengas

A kurta style lehenga too is a current favourite of the designers. This is a very stylish and chic way to wear lehengas, more so if you are really conservative in wearing cholis. This style gives you a flowy silhouette. If you want to look sexier, then wear a floor-touching kurta to highlight your hourglass figure. You can choose to not go for the dupatta.

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