How to clean the car inside

Has it ever happened to you that you are inside your brand-new car and someone is drinking a soda until ... horror!? Your brand-new upholstery completely stained and sticky. And those people who enter your vehicle with potatoes, cookies, bread and other great foods to leave the mats and seats loss of crumbs of all kinds. Without a doubt, these situations are stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming.

That is why, today, in the Pepe car on the Road Blog we bring you some of the best tricks to know how to clean the inside of the car, that task so hated by some, but so rewarding once finished, and leave it as new.

Upholstery problems?

One of the parts that most speak of the state of a car is its upholstery. If it is full of gum, soda stains, sticky or greasy, the vehicle will look like something very neglected (as does the owner). As we do not want this to happen to us, we show you how to clean the car inside so that your upholstery is as good as new.

  1. If you have gum stuck, it is best to use a bag full of ice to harden it. In this way, you will only have to scrape a little and in less than you imagine the gum will be gone. You can also apply a little heat with a blow dryer.
  2. Use a brush to make the dirt that has accumulated in this part of the car more visible. Then, take your vacuum cleaner and leave your upholstery spotless by absorbing as much dirt as possible.
  3. Many people have animals, or their hair falls out a lot, so it is very difficult for the vacuum cleaner or brush to remove all the hairs. Therefore, take an animal brush and remove them from your upholstery.
  4. Be careful with the products you use to clean the upholstery, as many of them can leave stains. Take a good look at all the instructions and don't let all your work be in vain. And if you can use ecological products to clean the car, all the better.
  5. Once everything is clean, a very good trick to keep it clean is as simple and simple as putting a cloth or plastic on the seats that stain the most. And, if you have small children, remove their shoes so they do not stain the seats from the seats.

How to properly clean the floor mats

Once we have cleaned the upholstery of the car, many of the remains that had been able to remain on the floor. These, added to the remains of food (and what is not food) that accumulate on the floor mats and carpet, will make your car look horrible. So, here we leave you other very interesting tricks so that you know how to clean the inside of the car both on the mats and on the carpet.

  1. Open all the doors of the car and remove the mats from their place. If they are made of plastic, give them a little pressure water and soap and let them dry in the sun. If, on the other hand, they are made of fabric, it is best to carry out the same process as with the upholstery. Take a brush to make the dirt visible and clean it with your vacuum cleaner.
  2. The same process applies to carpet. Clean all the corners very well with a good brush, remove all possible hairs with a clothing or animal brush and suck up all the dirt with the vacuum cleaner. It is true that this may take you a little longer, but it will stay like new.

Leaves both windows and windows spotless

One of the parts that can get the dirtiest and which, in addition, become more dangerous if they are dirty are the windows, the mirrors, although they are on the outside, and the windows. And it is that not only tobacco fumes make a dent in this important part of the car. The very perspiration of plastics, also known as fogging, is one of the factors that dirties the windows and windows the most. Also, one of the favorite activities of many little ones is to leave their works of art in the form of footprints on the windows. So, in order to clean such important parts of the car, we advise you to:

  1. Buy a car-specific glass product. It may be a bit more expensive, but it will always leave your lenses looking like new. Apply them on the glass and with a clean and dry cloth remove all the excess liquid.
  2. Another option would be to use the glass cleaner that we all have at home. At the end of the day, it does the same function and, also, you save a few euros.
  3. Although it is not a completely proven method, there is the possibility of heating some potatoes in a pot and strain the remaining water with some vinegar. This formula is said to be just as effective as the previous two. However, and as they say, better known bad than well to know. If you have tried it, tell us about your experience on social media!
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