Different Types of Locks for Windows and Doors

Locks and knowing the best locks for your property can be difficult. With various options to choose from, door and window locks can all offer something unique, with only a few locks suitable for different types of doors and windows.

What you wish, and what you want all require to be taken acknowledged while selecting the right lock. Anyhow, it’s also crucial to know about your locks and the different types available.

Different Types of Locks for Doors

Locks suitable for UPVC

UPVC locks are also known as Euro Locks, come with a standard multipoint central locking system, and as they come fitted with long metal strips, hooks and rollers can be added as extra locking devices.

Euro Locks and Euro Cylinders (they are part of the make-up of a UPVC lock) go best together with Euro door handles – the most commonly found handle on all UPVC doors.

Euro locks are made up of a dimple cut blade key and a 12 telescopic pin tumbler system. The lock case itself has a euro-shaped hole, so, its name and the cylinder itself are within the lock case and protected by fixing a screw through the face of the lock case itself. Hire Deltra Global for uPVC windows in Hyderabad.

Locks suitable for wooden doors

The most general type of lock found on wooden or older style doors is a mortise lock.

Mortise Lock

The type of this lock is fit within the door itself, rather than being installed on the surface of the door, like the Euro lock we spoke about.

In collaboration with a latch type mechanism, a mortise lock’s cylinder will have a rotating piece of metal that operates the handle's ability to withdraw the latch and subsequently open and close the door.

Wooden doors can turn and warp as time passes. Wooden doors are known to suffer their fair share of wear and tear over the years as they are not protected 100% against the elements. Because of this, if your door is knocked out of adjustment, even if it's slightly, it will affect a mortise lock, as it depends on the connection built into the door and the frame. If this situation occurs, an experienced locksmith will be able to eliminate the locks from the door frame and rearrange them, to the right position such that the bolt from the lock is retrieved and the security is restored!

Mortise locks don't provide the best level of security available out there. Mortise locks come in 2,3 and 5 lever-style locks. With 2 and 3 lever locks much weak and in consequence easier for burglars to pick and enter your house. 5 level locks will offer you the security you need and are available through many popular brands.

Older locks come with a smaller bolt for locking, which means even if little force is applied, it would break quite easily, and people would have can easily access your property.

Mortise locks are still a famous choice of lock today, and with often additional security elements added as extra, they can offer you the locking mechanism that is accurately suitable to your door type.

Best locks for windows

It’s regrettable to say it out loud but, doors are no longer the only things that need locks on within our homes. Windows do too.

Helping to increase the security of properties as well as make people feel safe and more secure in their homes, you will find window locks added to windows now as standard.

When it comes to the types of window locks anyhow there are various to select from, some suitable for both UPVC and wooden windows and some only apply to one makes and styles of windows fitted.

For wooden windows

  • Sash stops
  • Sash bolts
  • Casement Stays
  • Casement fasteners
  • Wood casement window locks

For UPVC Windows

  • Swing locks
  • Window restrictor locks
  • Sash locks
  • Sash stoppers
  • Multipoint locking mechanisms

Sash Lock

It is good to know what locks come with your window and then works out if you need any additional Securement on top of this. Working with a professional team will assist in providing the answers to your questions and put your mind at ease that your window locks are in safe hands.


Padlocks are what offer this extra level of security. Padlocks are detachable and portable locks, which go through openings and the shackle, the padlock is then clicked together, via the tiny cylinders and pin tumblers it is made up of.

Padlocks function by being fed through a hasp. The hook is the part of a padlock which is the hinged metal plate screwed and placed onto the side of the shed or fence, etc. The hook is then secured in place by fitting a loop over it and feeding the padlock through, clocking it shut once done.

Padlocks are gaining popularity for sheds and outhouses etc.


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