Yoga School – 5 Tips To Let Go Of Negative Vibes With Yoga

Let's get real for a minute! Discovering your true self is not always a smooth journey. Sometimes, you uncover aspects of your personality that are better when left in the shadows. Unfortunately, you cannot keep them in the dark for long as it is here that these grow stronger. Yoga might not be a great workout but it does a wonderful job of helping you come face-to-face with this side of your persona.


You heard that right! Yoga helps you become aware of the positive as well as negative aspects of your being. You gain knowledge about not just the loving but also the dark side of your personality. The cropping up of hidden emotions is quite common during a yoga session. Look for a reputed yoga school to learn everything about this sacred art and let go of all negativity in your life.


Yoga And Negativity – The Link

Before we move ahead, you should remember that yoga might not always be a smooth journey but it does start a process of inner healing. Given below is a complete breakdown of how you can deal with negativity during a yoga session.

First, let us understand what exactly are negative emotions.


What Are Negative Emotions?

The constant feelings of anger, annoyance, guilt, sadness, apathy, and anxiety all fall under the ambit of negative emotions. These depend on the event or individual who might have a bad impact on your life at present or in the past. Yoga gives you the tools to handle these negative emotions and prevent numerous mental health issues.

Let us now understand how exactly these emotions arise during the yoga practice.


How Negative Emotions Arise During Yoga Practice?

Practicing the sacred art of yoga under the watchful eye of a teacher makes you aware of your body. Your body stores tense energy, bending or twisting in different yoga poses releases this energy. Moreover, the energy carries with itself every type of emotion including negative ones.

It is quite common for individuals to cry for no reason during a yoga class. It is usually the negative emotions at work. As per the yogic lifestyle, you experience negative emotions either due to Karmic knots or a hindrance in the flow of sacred Prana energy. Enrolling in a reputed yoga school helps unblock this sacred energy and initiate a positive change to your emotional state.

However, yoga does provide you specific tips to get rid of negative emotions.


How Yoga Helps You In Dealing With Negativity?

Having a positive mindset prepares you to face life's challenges and react to negative situations with more awareness. The first step for you to let go of all negativity is to confront all negative emotions.

You should simply observe what negative emotion you feel at a particular moment and how it all started in the first place.

Given below are five powerful tips to help you let go of all negativity with yoga.


1 .Acceptance & Forgiveness

Acceptance and forgiveness are important when it comes to dealing with negative emotions. You should simply accept the feeling for what it is and whatever it is that makes you feel that way. Do not be reactive but simply observe them as a witness.


2. Rasa Sadhana

Rasa Sadhana, known as Emotional fasting is a great technique you can learn at a reputed yoga school. This practice requires you to focus on positive emotions. You have to develop an understanding of different emotions and how they function so that negative emotions do not get suppressed. This yogic technique requires serious practice under the guidance of a yoga expert.


3. Connect With Others

At times, it is a challenge to self-reflect on your negative emotions and feelings. You should seek out another person to help you find a way out of this mess. Share the negative feelings that have made a home in your mind with a person you trust.

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4. Stay Positive & Patient

During the practice at the yoga school, you might let it all go and cry later. Remember, this is not weakness but a way for you to heal past traumas and move ahead in life. You have to be patient, kind, and compassionate towards yourself.


5. Contemplate & Record

You have to answer some important questions when trying to get rid of negativity from your life. Try finding out if these feelings or emotions are attached to a person or an event. Maintain a journal to track and know your thoughts and feelings a bit more. It helps you dive deeper and contemplate what you feel and why you feel a certain way.



You should remember that at a yoga school it is not all about yoga asanas. The teachers help you evolve on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

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