Joint Replacement Surgery in India: Everything You Need to Know

Surgeries are an effective treatment method that is used to treat many ailments. These surgeries are divided into different categories depending upon the affected body part. For instance, orthopedic surgeries are done for bones, such as joint replacement surgery.

Irrespective of age, joint pain has become a common problem in people. There are different factors that lead to joint pain, such as obesity, heredity, fractures, injuries and many more.

Joint replacement surgery in India is highly popular these days. With the support of eminent infrastructure and technology, there has been a 98% success rate in joint surgeries in India.

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

It is a surgical process where your injured or arthritic joints are replaced with equipment, i.e., prosthesis. Typically, a prosthesis is made of either ceramic, metal or plastic. The medical industry is looking for different materials that can be used as reliable prosthesis.

It has been decades that orthopedic surgeons are performing joint replacement surgeries. With this surgery, a patient can get back their freedom to move and lead a healthy life. Even though joint replacement surgery's success rate is quite high in India, no one can guarantee 100% success prior to the surgery.

You can never know what might happen after the surgery, so you must always be prepared for the unexpected changes. Before that, you need to choose an ideal orthopedic surgeon who can conduct the treatment.

Who Is Eligible For Joint Replacement Surgery?

Today this joint surgery is done for younger to old patients. People who had accidents or sports injuries are considered eligible to go through joint replacement surgery. Arthritis is also a major reason for having joint replacement surgery. There are different stages of arthritis that require different surgical assistance. It would be better if you consult an orthopedician regarding your condition. There are some cases where mild pain killers and exercises can help you recover. Recent studies have proven that there is no permanent cure for arthritis.

What Is The Procedure For Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is done in extreme cases when there are no other solutions for your joint issues. People who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the ones who require joint replacement surgery. When you have chronic and incurable pain that cannot be tamed with the help of painkillers, it would be best to perform a joint replacement surgery. 

Before taking the surgery, there are plenty of things that you need to consider. Consult your surgeon regarding what to expect from the surgery and measures you need to take before the surgery.

How Is Joint Replacement Surgery Different In India?

When compared to medical facilities and accessibility in India with that of international facilities, India is a much-preferred destination for surgeries. Our country is standardized with the medical facilities of Canada, the UK, and America, which gives it a superior edge in the global medical industry. All the Indian medical facilities acquire the latest and advanced technology that allows specialists to provide the best services. 

The ideal reason for preferring India for joint replacement surgery is its cost-efficiency. There are no other countries that can offer affordable and quality surgery services under one roof. That’s what makes joint replacement surgery in India different from other countries.

What Are The Risks Involved In Joint Replacement Surgery?

Even after having a great success rate, there are many complications and risks involved in joint replacement surgery. It is essential to know everything about the risk factors and difficulties prior to opting for the surgery. Consult your doctor beforehand to understand what to expect to post the surgery. Here are a few risks that may follow after the surgery:

  • Infection in the area where surgery is performed

  • Loosened joints due to the surgery

  • Blood clotting in the affected area

  • Stiffness in the affected area

  • Difficulty in moving the joints/immobility

You must not worry about the risks after the surgery as there are many therapies and medications that can help you come out of it. You must go forward with the surgery if it is really necessary for your condition.

The Bottom Line

Joint replacement surgery in India is globally popular due to the use of cutting-edge technology and qualified surgeons. This surgery is done to replace your affected joints with a prosthesis. After this surgery, you can get back your freedom of movement and perform your daily tasks with ease. All you need to do is find a credible hospital or an Ortho surgeon to avail the best joint replacement surgery.

Make sure to filter different hospitals against certain parameters before you pick one. The success rate of joint replacement surgery in India is quite high. However, you must not expect anything and only consult your doctor regarding the result and the post-treatment care routine that you need to follow.  


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