Top 5 Features Of CT 100 Bajaj's Best Mileage Bike

India’s love story with motorcycles goes back to 1955 when our country needed strong and durable bikes for the Army forces and police squads. From that period to now, our relationship with motorcycles has evolved a great deal. 

In 2019, the domestic sales of two-wheelers almost doubled from the year 2011(11.77 million units), selling about 21.18 million units. Great news for the economy; it can be a source of bewilderment for an individual looking to buy a motorcycle since there are a plethora of options today.

Why Is The Bajaj CT 100 An Excellent Choice?

Mileage is defined as the distance travelled by a vehicle in kilometres in one litre of fuel. It becomes a crucial parameter for selecting a motorcycle, especially in India, where one can find themselves riding in peculiar situations, ranging from traffic jams to cramped streets to rough roads. Adding to the misery is that our country imports 85 per cent of its crude oil, explaining the exorbitant prices charged for fuel.

Luckily, Bajaj CT 100 comes to the rescue. With a staggering mileage of 78+ kmpl, available at an affordable price, it is a dream come true for every middle-class household. Bajaj, renowned for producing all-around budget motorcycles, makes sure that they deliver a utilitarian bike while also adding noteworthy features to give it a premium feel. 

Let’s look at some of the aspects that have made it one of the best mileage bikes in India.

Bajaj CT 100 Salient Features 

      1.   Stunning Design

The revamped Bajaj CT 100 promises aesthetic pleasure to the eyes. Availability in three variants - Gloss Ebony Black, Matte Olive Green and Gloss Flame Red, ensures it caters to everyone’s needs. 

The decals provide a nice contrast to the core colour, and the glossy finish makes for a euphoric experience for the buyer. The engine, silencer and alloy wheel are assigned a black theme to maintain a consistent composition in the lower half.

     2.   Robust DTS-i Engine

The secret sauce to the mind-boggling mileage is in Bajaj Auto’s patented Digital Twin-Spark Ignition-powered engine. Two spark plugs instigate a flame to the fuel mixture that takes on a spiralling pattern. 

It helps attain total combustion of the fuel, maximising the fuel’s output to its limit, assuring enhanced performance and extra savings. Innovative technology is what makes Bajaj manufacture the best mileage bikes in India.

     3.   Addition Of Flexible Indicators

Indicators sound like a trivial inclusion to a motorcycle, but an absence can lead to irreparable repercussions. They help convey to other drivers which direction the automobile is going to turn. The USP of CT 100’s indicators is their flexibility, making them less prone to damage and last longer.

     4.   Upswept Exhaust

The exhaust cover, which contributes to the black theme of the motorcycle, is the perfect complement to the matte silver silencer, overall a slick addition to the bike. Greater height from the ground guards the silencer against challenging terrains and water-logged areas. The dynamic exhaust note is icing on the cake. 

      5.   Front Suspension Bellows And Stronger Crash Guards

Not only do the bellows give the bike a sturdy look, but they also assist the suspensions by absorbing shock and vibration. The result is improved comfort and a stable journey for the rider. 

Another boost to the bike is the crash guards, now more prominent and rigid, to amplify the protection of the engine and the body panels from sideway fall, also minimising the risk of leg injuries.


That concludes the list of top features introduced in the latest Bajaj CT 100. But wait, that’s not all! A thicker, padded seat; rubber tank pads; and an updated fuel meter add to the glory of the motorcycle.

Relentless pursuit of perfection, creative design and the will to make the products more effective while still making them friendly for the pocket is what makes Bajaj stand out from the crowd!


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